Wednesday, May 25, 2011

operation: curb appeal

 For all of you who have already done your spring garden plantings and are soaking in the beauty of your lawns, prepare to feel good that you are one thousand steps ahead of me.

For all of you who have not done anything, as I have not yet, prepare to feel good that you are not alone!

I think by now I've established that I love to make lists. So be prepared for a post full of horrendous photos of my front lawn, a list of things to do that I hope to accomplish in ONE WEEK, followed by a small glimmer of hope for beautification.

Ok, so these are our front planners (there are 2) in front of our garage.  WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU DURING WINTER??! Seriously, we should have just brought them inside. What were we thinking?  They need to be completely cleaned out and I need my geraniums back!

Here's a pretty picture. It's our front garden. We like to have stuff like grass, clover, and weeds pretty much taking over it.  NOT! (Yes, i just brought "not" back).  It's been a work in progress since we moved in.   It needs to be completely and utterly weeded. Also, a cute toad house might be in order, because one scared the living daylights out of me as I was snapping photos as it nearly hopped onto my foot.

Just for reference, the whole grass area in this photo- used to be the garden. It was a little much, so we scaled it back.  That was a huge job in itself, and we are still paying the price because the violets are still taking over our grass!!!

Here's my welcoming bench.  This would be a "nice to have" but I imagine giving the bench a fresh coat of white paint (or should I go blue, or yellow?), and adding a small "container garden" in this area with fresh herbs, tomatoes, and some flowers.  I'd have the pots behind the bench and to the side of the bench.  The door with the yellow curtain is my kitchen; can you imagine me skipping out in the summer months with my apron on to pick my fresh herbs while I perhaps sit on the bench and admire the hood? I can.

Ok- question for all you gardeny folks out there. WHAT IS THIS?  There are several of them, and I don't know if they're weeds or flowers. The look like they might be lilies? Can lilies create other lilies in spots of the garden that are in no close proximity to each other? I am baffled.  Also, you get a close up of weeds, clover, and grass. What a great welcoming garden!

Ahh, and the glimmer of hope.  I GOT MY WINDOW BOX!! This will go on the window in the photo above next to my kitchen door. I love daisies! Thanks mom and dad! (btw, all my birthday wishes came true from this post, yay!!)

So now for a complete list of things to do in 7 days or less:
  1. Get driveway sealed and cracks filled
  2. Clean out planters in front of garage and plant geraniums in them 
  3. weed front garden
  4. plant ACTUAL FLOWER PLANTS in front garden so it looks pretty.
  5. paint window box white
  6. hang window box*
  7. get input from gardeny bloggers on what the mystery plant is
  8. Add more mulch if needed
And a list of my "nice to haves"
  1. Freshen up paint on bench
  2. start container garden
  3. Add bricks/stones in front of front garden so it's easier to trim/mow*
Think I can get it done in one week? We'll see! Perhaps if I hear some cheering in the comment section?  Anyone else feel like they're going to war against their garden?

*Hubby will you help me with these???


  1. YELLOW!! paint the bench yellow please! yay!
    girl...that's a weed, a really big fancified tryin to fool you into thinkin it's a lily, weed....
    I feel your pain! i spent 7 hours in the yard last weekend, your garden looks tame compared to the jungle i faced!!
    love the window box too! how 'bout yellow too? ...please :)

  2. Where did you get the window box?! I am still in flower planting mode, despite me starting back at the beginning of April (a good thing about living in the south!). B loves to help me water the plants everyday, so I took on more this year, knowing B was going to help me keep up with the watering and weeding. Although, my cherry tomatoes have arrived, and B likes to pick them off before they're ripe. Ugh. haha

    I can't wait to see your progress w/in the next 7 days! Are you going to give us an update next wednesday?!

  3. ~mommy to ben and kate S's dad (aka our dad...hehe) made the window box :) i know..he's awesome..maybe he'll make me one too..haha..oh and S..where is my tomato plant going? just know..i want it to survive!!! haha..jk..~Mar

  4. Mar- I bought a really cute big planter for it yesterday and already filled it with potting soil! I'm going to do my darndest to keep it alive!!! And MommyofB&K - YES, i will update next week with hopefully much more beautirific photos! My dad made me the window box! I bet A could make you some!! He's so handy ~*S*~

  5. S, I am no gardening expert but I think I have seen that mystery plant before and also been fooled...I think it might be an impostor. You could just wait and see, sometimes weeds are cool cause they grow so a weed!! Haha. Don't fret, I am behind with planting/yard work too. Nel ☺

  6. Looks like a lily!
    The first spring after we moved I found plants that must have been previously mowed down or weed whipped when we first moved it. Consider it a lovely surprise. If they do turn out to be lilies, try transplanting them to the same area, I'm sure it'd be striking!


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