Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For the Love of Crochet ♥

...alot of people are having babies lately...alot of people are talking about having babies lately...it seems like we're always holding a baby (ask my daughter she's baby crazy)...i must say when i think babies i think crochet...they just kinda go hand in hand...for me anyway...and along with the rest of the crocheting world, i've been on this amigurumi craze that doesn't seem to be going away, in fact every time i'm at a craft store i see another ami book...but! none compare to Ana Paula's super cute crochet books or patterns found in her super cute etsy shop...she's so talented and her new stuff is always cuter than cute :)
...I learned to crochet sometime in my early teen years (can't remember exact age...you know...you start to forget stuff when you get old) taught to me by my left-handed Aunt (i'm right handed...yeah, exactly...tricky), who is really like a grandmother to me and who's awesome at reading any super-duper ridiculously hard patterns that no one else on earth could ever figure out...so with many years of her guidance and instruction i've come to love crochet and i think i've made her proud :)...and even taught my older daughter how to master the skill...and i must admit her stitches are very smooth for a 7 year old...

...Ana's baby owl & mommy owl (hands down one of my fav patterns) along with a pair of adorable booties (from a free pattern at Michaels.com) pair up very snuggly together, and can stand as a gift alone or be used in a tote full of baby stuff...experiment with different yarn colors & accessories, the sky's the limit!...would love to know how they turn out... ~have fun!

This verse has been on my mind this week...
♥ For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord,thoughts of peace,and not of evil, to give you an expected end...Jeremiah 29:11♥
...just thinking on what "His thoughts toward me" might be if they were based on my own merit...that's something to get your mind goin' for a while (yikes :)
...but hallelujah, their not based on our shortcomings! they're based on the knowledge that we are His...daughters of the King...thoughts of peace, not evil...thank You Father for Your love & mercy towards us...thank You for blessing me with 6 sisters in You...love ya girls ♥J.


  1. hmmm... i recognize those owls!!! leia plays with them all the time! :) and thanks for the verse J... just what I needed :) ~Mar*

  2. Praise the Lord :)...love ya girl! ♥J.

  3. Aunt Pat taught you but you have my genes...love "D".... PS. Good job!!!


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