Friday, January 7, 2011

A Doctor's Kit for Real Play

Happy 2011 to everyone! Have you been bit by the "organizing bug" or the "diet and exercise bug" yet? It always amazes me how fast the Christmas displays in stores are replaced with Slim Fast shakes and storage totes! Cracks me up! It's like we ate ourselves into a disorganized frenzy for a month and now it all needs to be fixed! Well, go ahead and munch on any leftover Christmas cookies (seriously, you need to get rid of them somehow so you might as well just eat them) while I tell you about the Doctor's kit I gave my five year old niece for Christmas.

When I was a little girl, my sister and I spent hours "pretending" and anything real that we could add to our playtime was a huge bonus. I remember we went to a friend's house and she had a REAL telephone to play office with! OH, MY GOODNESS! We were in playtime heaven! We just got soooo excited to use anything real and I guess that is why I was excited to put together a Doctor's kit with "real" stuff inside!

I used two actual Band-Aid boxes and covered them with paper to hold the gauze pads and the Band-Aids.

The Mayor has an independent pharmacy so he ordered a real stethoscope (purple!!!) from his wholesaler at cost. It was so perfect... little girl color but REAL!! I honestly wanted to keep it and I think I listened to my own heartbeat about 100 times!

I also had the Mayor bring home a couple empty pill bottles, an inexpensive digital thermometer, a roll of gauze, an ace bandage, gloves, a roll of paper tape and a couple different size oral syringes. I found a couple little plastic bottles with eye droppers at JoAnn's.
The Mayor also found an eye chart and some x-ray pictures on line and printed and laminated them for me...they looked really cool!

I found a cute, plastic, stacking box with two levels and a purple cover at JoAnn's. The two levels snap together on the side but it seemed easy enough that a five year old could open it.
I added "Doctor Megan" to the lid with letter stickers, I didn't have a capital "M" and we thought it looked kinda goofy so I ended up switching the "D" to a lower case "d" to match the "m".

Lastly, Mar brought me the cutest little surgical masks with Disney characters on them! They were PERFECT! Bless her busy heart! They were the perfect addition to the kit. Thank you Sister Mar!

Christmas day was a blur of wrapping paper and toys but my niece did seem pleased with her new kit. I hope that it's something she will play with often! Lulu was actually wishing this had her name on it! Maybe I'll make her one for her 13th birthday! Haha, she's so cute, still a little girl at heart! We decided to leave out "skeleton man" because we thought he might be a bit creepy!

He is kinda creepy, oh my!

So, for Nel and Lulu's smile and frown for the week I couldn't resist sharing this photo. The Mayor orders smiley face cookies for the coffee shop part of his pharmacy and this is how they came this week!! This was not photo shopped, this is how the cookies looked when the girls opened them! Is that too funny? We don't know if it was an accident or if someone was just having fun...either way we all had a good laugh!!

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  1. janel...janel...janel...if only i had you for an aunt when i was 5! i love the cute bandaid boxes, and your handwriting is icicng on the cake :) ♥J.

  2. J...why are you awake at 3 AM and commenting on the blog???!!! But thanks...although, your writing is yours is...Nel ☺

  3. This is adorable and is going directly in my to-do file. I really like how you showed us everything you put in it and what container you used. Sure makes it easy for me and I have a granddaughter who is going to love it.

  4. It came out so cute Nel!!! and those cookies are awesome!!! extra credit for the person who made that one!!! made me laugh!! LOL *mar~

  5. Nel, I love it! When we were kids we had a REAL phone to practice dialing 911 on, hahaha! (it wasn't hooked up, of course) ~*S*~

  6. This is far, far nicer than any doctor kit you could buy. Beautiful.

  7. This is very cute! What a great idea! Thanks for linking up to Fantabulous Friday!

  8. Oh my goodness this is such a great idea! My 5 year old would flip over it (and my 11 year old too). They love using up all of our bandaids when they play, so for holidays they always get a package of their own!
    Excellent doctor kit.

  9. How super creative and darling is this. I LOVE IT! my kids love playing Doc. I have given them the needle looking medicine dispensers for pretend shots.... lol, love it. Jen

  10. Love this!! Too bad I didn't think of this when my sons were young being that I am a nurse who has worked full time in a hospital for the past 32 years!


  11. My 16 year old is aiming to be a surgeon one day and not only does he want me to buy him a REAL stethoscope he also wants me to buy him a scalpel set! hmmmmmm

  12. This is so awesome on so many levels! First it's about the cutest thing ever! And what 5 year old wouldn't love to pretend with all her dolls!? And mostly I love the pretend of being a Dr or a nurse rather than a beauty queen...nothing wrong w/ beauty queens mind you!

  13. The most adorable doctor kit I have seen! I hope you'll come link it up at the craft catwalk!

  14. This is really cute idea! Saw your post at the craft catwalk :)

  15. Can you direct me on where your husband found the images?

  16. how stinkin' cute!!! we always loved real things to pretend with, too. {did anyone (other than your 5 year old niece who probably can't spell that word anyhow!) notice that gauze was spelled wrong on the adorable little box!?} hee hee ~ you can tell I type for a living!

  17. I am putting together a Very similar Idea for my 6 yr old daughter this Christmas. the best priced REAL equipment I found at
    working stethoscopes for $4 in the color of your choice, blood pressure cuff $10, reflex hammer $3 etc... hope this helps save you a few dollars.

  18. What website did you get the X-Rays from? I am trying to put one together for my girls for Christmas. I can't seem to find them.

  19. Elizabeth, I just googled xrays & went to the images tab & printed some out on photo paper & laminated them. Worked great & there were several to choose from. Hope this works for you too!

  20. Hello! Love your doctor's kit! What brand of container did you use? I can't seem to find a snap n stack that has a large bottom areas and smaller top area. Thanks for your help!

  21. Please do not use empty medicine containers. I know you all have yours locked away, but if they go to grandma's and find one to play doctor with, it could be disastrous. Aside from that, this is perfect

  22. Please do not use empty medicine containers. I know you all have yours locked away, but if they go to grandma's and find one to play doctor with, it could be disastrous. Aside from that, this is perfect


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