Tuesday, August 30, 2011

kitchen + pinterest = ♥

I just can't wait to show you pictures of the kitchen...this past week the chief and father-in-law ceramic-tiled all the counter-tops! A new sink and faucet were installed...along with a few minor details...and it's finally complete!! Please come back next week for my big reveal!!! (like I'm really anybody important that I need to call it a "big reveal") (whatever)...

As I sit surrounded by mountains of pots n pans, snow cone syrup bottles and Home Depot receipts (covered in a film of grout dust)...I type this post...and since next week is going to be soooooo-over-the-top-exciting, i decided to just give you another roundup of my right-now-favorite-pinterest-kitchen ideas that I'm sooooo in love with...

from left to right...starting at top row

from left to right...starting at top row

Next week I'll show you how I incorporated so many of these ideas into my kitchen! 
I'm so excited to show y'all :) love to you sisters...♥

p.s. wanna see what other great ideas I'm dreaming of?

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(grab a cup of tea and a couple hours :)


  1. Whoohoo! Can't wait for the big reveal!! By next week, girls everywhere will be pinning pictures of YOUR kitchen on pinterest! And dreaming...☺ Janel

  2. Hello Jamie,
    Oh, I am totally in love with Pinterest. I just linked over and got lost for about a ½ on the site; which happens often. I am now following you; your boards are amazing. Can’t wait to see your updated kitchen.
    Smiles, Paula

  3. I will find you on Pinterest! Feel free to come and follow mine:


    I love checking there each day for new inspiration!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  4. oh my word - all BEYOND lovely! serious swooning!



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