Friday, August 26, 2011

Queen Anne's Lace in Color

I grew up in the country, as in fields and cows and not many neighbors. I remember picking Queen Anne's Lace in the field behind our house. My sister and I would fill vases with colored water to place the flowers in so that the white lacy heads would turn color. I saw some Queen Anne's Lace this summer and realized I had never shared this summer activity with my own children. I guess we are more "town folk" now because we actually had to ride our bikes out of our weed-wacked, well mowed neighborhood to find some Queen Anne's Lace!

We filled disposable water bottles with different colored water...going for a rainbow of blossoms. I tried to explain that the color change would be subtle, just a tinge of color. I didn't want the kids to expect bright, brilliant flowers.

The colored water looked so pretty, we were so excited. We waited...a few hours later, no change. The next change. Two days change and some wind picked up and blew all the bottles off the table and all over the deck. Hummm...a rainbow deck? Interesting but not really what I was going for! I couldn't figure out why this didn't work.

Looking at the picture above I can tell why this probably didn't work, I think the stems were way too long. I don't think the water ever made it up to the lace!

Fast forward to try number two...

Smaller vases and shorter stems, way shorter stems. And what do we have here? Is that some color in those lacy flowers? Success.

Have a happy, color filled week!

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  1. oh my!!! what an awesome project for little L.. can't wait to try it!! Mar~

  2. Soo pretty! Wish we had those around here :)

  3. how pretty are these Janel!? they would be so cute all over a table for a party in little vases!


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