Wednesday, August 3, 2011

gardening fail

 My dad came over our house this week and I was so excited to show him how the trumpeter vine he gave me had grown.  I proudly walked him outside to the spot and pointed at my foot tall growth.  His response?

"That's not a trumpeter vine.  It's a weed."

"WHAT?! How is it possible that in the only place I planted a trumpeter vine a vine-ish looking weed with flowers comes up, but no trumpeter vine???"

"I don't know. That's a weed."

Well, guess what Mr Weed. You're stuck with me until next summer when I get some more trumpeter vine seeds from my dad to try again.  

Just don't tell the crabgrass.


  1. oh my....for what it's worth...i don't think it looks like a weed! I would have never known looks too pretty to be a weed! ~Mar

  2. Well, don’t feel to bad because gardening can be a little confusing with so many plants varieties to grow. Smiles, Paula

  3. haha.. I can't tell the difference between weeds and flowers sometimes, either! I leave that to A to figure out. Sometimes he's right, sometimes he's wrong! ;)

  4. Hey, weeds and flowers are synonymous. The dividing definition is what you plant in your garden and what independently sprouts.. Don;t worry! I was raised on homegrown vegetables(Amish upbringing fyi), and just this evening had trouble identifying what is a morning glory and what is some whiny viney weed that I did not plant. Read a few articles regarding trumpeter vine and feel empowered for this coming planting season. LIfe is all about learning and growing. All that you should take from my diatribe is this: What do you want in your garden regardless of the seeds' origin?


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