Monday, March 14, 2011

Sewing: Easy as One Two Three...

My New Years Resolution this year was to learn how to sew. Don't ask me why, but I have been so intimidated by the idea of sewing that I never even brought myself to try. It probably has something to do with the perfectionist in me, and being too afraid that I won't be any good at it. Well, this year I was determined to learn.
My husband surprised me this year and bought me a Brother sewing machine for valentines day. (With the recommendation from J..thanks J I love it!). To me at first glance the sewing machine is like a foreign country! I didn't even know where to start. While I was practicing with it and reading the instruction manual Little L kept saying..." know it doesn't take Aunt S this long to know you just have to push the peddle...I know how to sew just push the peddle and move your hands side to this mom...." I couldn't help but be amused that my 4 year old seems to know more about sewing than I do.
Anyway, I do have to say that the instruction manual that came with the sewing machine was amazing. It was super easy to read and understand. I was able to go through the manual and start a project in no time flat. That's my kind of instructions!! Easy, Simple, and to the point!! (and I am in no way being reimbursed for my opinion on this machine it was just that easy to understand and super user four year old could use it!)
Now, my quest to find my first project! It needed to be easy..and cute. So to etsy I went searching, and of course there are like 10 billion (a little exaggeration) patterns on etsy..super cute ones. I ended up picking one that had a little crochet involved so at least it didn't seem completely foreign to me. I found it at a store called bubnut: beautiful gifts for babies and kids. She has tons of cute patterns and also the one I found for my first sewing project. It is a little summer dress for girls. I also love that it came in a very wide range of sizes. That way I could make one for my 12 month old and my 4 year old. And so if you are like me and don't know how to sew this is a perfect starter project and I will show below the results that are too cute for words! My girls will be wearing these all spring and summer!

...Happy Sewing...



  1. These are beautiful! What lucky girls to have these for the summer. Great work.

  2. hahaha, i even let L use the pedal :) ~*S*~

  3. Those are so super cute!! Now I need a tutorial on how to crochet.. lol

  4. Very cute!! If only I could crochet! :) Great work!

  5. These dresses are adorable. Love the fabrics you chose. Sewing is such a great thing to learn. My husband just started sewing on the machine to patch his own jeans. I love that he can do it.


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