Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sweet baby gift idea

Seems like everyone and their hairdresser is getting pregnant these days, and when babies are coming, there are showers aplenty!

How I wish I had thought of this idea wayyyyyy earlier because I could have long-since secured myself with the title of The Person Who Brings The Awesomest Shower Gift Ever. Since I can't have the long-held title, I can live with having that title henceforth.  Do people still say "henceforth?" I'm reading Jane Eyre and I'm feelin' like old-stylin' it today (old-stylin'...a word Jane Eyre would never use...).

Sumsematically* (I just threw that in there so you have to guess if I'm now making words up or referring to Jane Eyre), I'm not only proud of the ingenuity of this idea, but I'm also proud of the execution.  As the sisters know, I tend to be a hit-or-miss kinda crafter, so me coming up with something this noteworthy is nothing short of practically-remarkable.

Without further ado, meet Oscar.

I told you he's basically the cutest.

I made him using the *FREE* (cause we all like free, even Janie) Lion Brand Craft Amigurumi Octopus pattern.  Very easy pattern!!!  You may need to sign up to the site to get the pattern, but trust me ya'll- totally worth it. Also, mine looks cuter than theirs, but as Oscar's momma, I might be bias. 

I thought making a cute handmade crochet octopus plus purchasing some cloth diapers from the mom&pops registry would be a pretty good gift.  But after I made Oscar, I felt destined to greatness. No, I could not stop there. This was going to be the Best Gift Ever. How could I look into those two far apart beady eyes and think anything but?  Also, I considered tucking him into my nightstand, not telling anyone he existed and be that weird adult person who sleeps with a stuffed animal every night.  HE'S THAT CUTE. Seriously, you have not looked into his eyes and held his eight little legs. Looking into them via photo does not do them justice. Okay, before I lose you all in the **cuckoo chitchat let's move on.

I may have slightly alluded above that I was in love with Oscar and not particularly keen on parting with him  (I will admit to having a detailed conversation with my husband around the same).  I decided my best course of action would be to take a photo of Oscar and keep that with me to treasure and give Oscar up for adoption to a totally nice family (aka the giftee's).  So I set up my makeshift photo shoot area (also seen here) and had fun having a mini photoshoot with Osh-b'gosh.  

That was when unexpectedly, as so often inspiration is wont to do, I had the idea that would warp-speed me to Shower Gift Greatness.  

Make a book.

Not just any book of course.  But a book where Oscar was the star.  A book that was educational.  A book that would go down in history....ok, ok, you get it.  Since I knew the theme of the nursery was going to be under-the-sea (to which I have a soft spot for) and because coincidentally I have a lot of sea-inspired things lying around my house, creating a counting book with Oscar seemed like the perfect fit.  I found that I had;
1 - Oscar
2 - Rubber duckies
3 - Ocean friends (dolphin, shark, turtle)
4 - Seashells
5 - jellyfish
6 - driftwood
7 - letters in the word "octopus" (I was just as surprised as you are that there are not 8 letters!)
8 - legs on an octopus
9 - bubbles
10 - pearls

Here are some pictures of the completed book;

I had it printed via York Photo and they were giving a 40% off special on photo books so this baby cost me a whopping $7!!!!

I know what you're thinking... "that is the Awesomest Gift Ever," "I want to jump through my computer screen and gobble it up," "I'm hypnotized!" or something similar.  I'm sure you're thinking it would be okay for me to stop the gift-giving where I am, seeing as how I have already secured my Gifting Greatness.  But you know the old saying, the one where it says "shoot for the stars and then keep going" (you know, the one I made up just now? Jane would be proud of me), well that was me.  I decided I couldn't give an educational counting book and leave out my favorite thing. The alphabet. The ability to learn language and words and someday read Jane Eyre. You know, because he'll be reading at like 4 months due to all the educational goodness I have bestowed upon him.  And because as a boy, he will be totally up for reading Jane Eyre.  I kid.

This brings me to... flashcards.  Flashcards are the new black.  Oh, you didn't know? Well, yes, they quite are. They're the sprightly old-becomes-new, throw out those leapfrogs sorta trend (again, I kid).  I made them in Microsoft PowerPoint, and they were quite simple to create!  Not only did I include the alphabet and a cute clip art, but I added a Bible verse as well.  After all, a spiritual education is just as important! I then printed them on card stock, and my gracious mother laminated them for me for free.

I think the letters speak for themselves...they turned out....

A big green rubber band I had lying around completes the ABC ensemble!

Last but not least, it was time to whip up a card (approximately 1.25 hours before meeting up with the lucky couple!).   I had blank notecards in my craft stash, so I traced a circle onto the front, and used this font to freehand trace my letters into place.  Then I just poked holes into the front of the card with a needle and used some colorful floss to add the design (instead of knotting the floss at the end, I taped it so it would be flat- on the other side of the cover of the card I taped on a pretty piece of paper to cover the stitching).   

Jane approves of my embroidery skillz.

Here's the final verdict (Oscar himself, the biggest surprise, is wrapped in the white tissue paper...*sigh..farewell Oscar...);

And so this concludes the details on the gift that will propel me to the title of Person Who Gives Amazing Gifts.  Thank you, really, no trophy necessary (no, really). 

*In addition
**crazy banter

p.s. see more of this gift all wrapped up here
p.p.s. after re-reading this, I am ordering myself to write "pride cometh before the fall" one billion times. 

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  1. ahh heeelloooooo...(in an ♥E voice)...where to begin??!?!! this might be your best reach for the free spirit stars ever!! first i love how oscar's legs are different colors! so cute! the book idea is awesome...your pics turned out great...and i just love the idea of the Bible verse flash cards with that super chunky rubber band!!! i need some of those! ♥J.

  2. I am smitten by your adorable presents.

    I love the flashcards as well.

    New to your blog.....are you selling them on etsy? or somewhere? I have lots of friends having babies. That is a perfect gift for babies and toddlers!

    If not, I am so going to copy! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Copy away! So glad you like them!!

  4. J...the big rubber band came off a notecard set i was gifted...but you know where else I've noticed them? Wrapped around fresh veggies! (think scallions or collards! I just got a blue one this way!)

  5. S love love it...I hope little e gets a counting book.... :) mar

  6. As the giftee, I am so thrilled with these amazing ideas!

    I have to admit, I was looking forward to what crafty baby gift S would concoct! I was not disappointed... We have already made a space on the bookshelf for Oscar and his book.
    Very awesome gifts and thank you very much, again!

  7. S, this is truly adorable and I would have had trouble parting with Oscar too! Quick, whip up his twin brother Oliver to keep for yourself! LOVED it all, awesome job! Nel ☺

  8. This is such a sweet gift!!! I love that octopus! :) Here’s another party if you would like to link up…

  9. Love this! Everything is perfect! The bag is such a special touch!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

    Warm Weekend Wishes,

  10. You are BRILLIANT! I would have more Babies if you were my "in person" friend! I am so sad that i read this post mere hours after a baby shower....i went in on a car seat.....BORING! i may have to make a couple of these just to have around for my kiddos! It has moved to the top of my MUST MAKE list along with the duct tape flower pens from this blog too!


  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am new to this blog as well, and this is such an amazing gift!

    I have a huge request ... we are thowing a "vintage toy" baby shower for my sister-in-law next weekend, and those flashcards would be perfect! She would absolutely adore them. Is there any way I can print them myself? I would love you forever. And tell all my friends about you. :)

  12. Hi Aimsy! good news! You can now purchase an e-file of the flashcards through our etsy shop!

  13. just saw this! thank you! :)

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