Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outdoor Firepit

Ever since we purchased our new home, my husband, the Professor has been wanting to build an outdoor fire-pit.  He scoured the web and found instructions  at This Old House.  The instructions on This Old House are for a circular fire-pit, but the one that he built was square because we already had rectangular bricks.  The red bricks were all buried in our backyard and it was an excellent re-use on his part because it helped cut the cost of the overall project.

Here is a diagram provided by This Old House giving a breakdown of the components of the fire-pit.

The first step was to dig a flat trench in the ground.

The next step is to fill the bottom of your trench with gravel.

Start to lay your bricks and use an adhesive to keep them together.

 Keep going!

Almost done!

Can you believe that all these bricks were just in our yard lying around and buried!  It's a good thing the professor put them to good use.

 It's looking good!


The only item we are missing is the steel campfire insert to go around the inside of the pit.  This will help prevent our bricks from cracking or breaking from the heat.

I can't wait to start using it on nice nights to roast marshmallows (not S's dog) and just enjoy it!

Special thanks to the Professor for making this nice addition to our yard!


  1. Ahhhh!! Was that a marshmallow roasting invitation??☺ Bon fire party at Jenn's (as soon as it stops raining everyday!!) Heehee. Looks cool guys, kudos to the Professor. Nel☺

  2. good job guys! lotsa hard work :)

  3. Any chance of another picture and update on this? I'm very interested to see how well it lasted.


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