Friday, May 13, 2011

Paper Bead Candle Collar

Hello sisters! Let me start by saying that I LOVE beads and I double LOVE (that's two hearts, J ☺) paper so when I started making paper beads this winter I was feeling oh-so-excited about this combination. Paper beads are easy to make, just a bit tedious if you are cutting your own paper strips, lots of measuring. I will do a future post on "how to", I don't have any pictures right now of the actual process. Once you have the paper strips, you just roll them up and glue the end down and then coat the bead with Mod Podge. These beads were made with precut paper strips from a Klutz book but you can use anything, magazine pages make really neat paper beads. I have thinking about making some using sheet music paper. They are such happy little buggers!

But what to do with them? I was thinking bracelets but after sitting with J and messing around with different paper and glass bead combos I realized these weren't lending themselves toward very "grown up" jewelry. They really just looked like little girl stuff, which is fine for future ideas but I kept thinking about how else I could use them. I decided to try a beaded collar for a candle. I had a new watermelon scented candle so I went with pink and green beads.

I strung them on some clear elastic long enough to fit around the collar of the candle jar.

I added a little silver dragonfly charm just for some whimsy. I think it says summer! Which is quite okay with me! ☺ What do you guys think? Are they worth "mass producing" for other candles?

And now...what was the best thing we ate this week?? The winner is...Wednesday's dinner of tuna cakes (if you like tuna, they are yummy, trust me), corn and strawberry, romaine salad with poppyseed dressing. Yum, it was a colorful and light dinner and it was the best thing we ate this week!

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  1. oooh! you made a plain candle look so fancy! The beads turned out really neat! ~*S*~


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