Monday, May 16, 2011

A Perfect Gift for the Birthday Girl

I just love little girl birthday parties. The girls, the dress up, the giggles, and all the pink pink pink... ok..ok.. I know not every little girls party is like this. In fact, my Little L's fourth birthday party was at a local state park with a gigantic gorge that you can go hiking in... yes... hiking... and no I wasn't wearing heels (in case you were wondering J..hehe). My little L is as much of a "girly girl" as she is a "tom boy". She loves to dress up like a princess, and play in the dirt. She likes to bake chocolate cake with me, and go to the hunting land with her Grandfather. She loves to be crafty, and watch football with her daddy..I know.. I'm as puzzled as the rest of you.
Anyway.. back to my bloggy stuff. Little L recently was invited to a little girls birthday party and that got the wheels in my head turning. What is the most perfectly awesome gift that a 5 year old girl could ever receive!!! I had to research a few past ideas (Thanks J) and compile them all together for the finished product. It has been officially approved by my little L as worthy to take to the birthday girl... (*sigh of relief). So whenever your searching for ideas on what to get that special birthday girl I hope you find your way back again.

First I started with the famous Birthday Box
(A full tutorial on how I made the box can be found here)

Secondly I was so graciously given these beautiful flower hair barrettes by my sister Jenn. Thanks Jenn, they are super cute. To make them find your favorite 'fake' flower at your local craft store. Remove the center part of the flower and sew a button in its place. Finally hot glue a barrette (also found at your local craft store) onto the back of the flower.

Third, I found this idea from one of J's previous posts. They were so easy to make. All I had to use was ribbon, a needle and thread, rings (I found a package of adjustable rings at Michaels in the jewelry section), and a hot glue gun. You can find the complete tutorial on how to make these here. I love them so much and I can't even imagine what a little girl will think of them! I just might have to make myself one too!

And lastly I have fallen in love with this idea: Magnetic Paper Dolls. Again, this idea came from one of J's previous posts. And the full tutorial on how to make them can be found here. I have already made these for Little L and they have yet to come off the refrigerator. Every day she plays with them, dressing them up into all their fancy dresses. This project was so easy and fun to do I only wish they had magnetic dolls like these when I was growing up! But watching Little L enjoy them is just as wonderful.

And so there you have it..a special birthday gift for a special birthday girl!


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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my kitchen post! Love your blog! :)

  2. When we have craft night at your house I would like to play with the magnetic paper dolls please! They are really cute and we know first hand how much cutting went into that project! (how many episodes of Grey's Anatomy??) Awesome birthday gift!! Nel ☺

  3. Very cute! I am way older than 5 and I want a set of those magnetic paper dolls! : )

    Visiting from All Things Inspired


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