Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Table & Chair...backs ♥

Hi Peeps! Happy Tuesday! 
Just kiddin'...sounded like E there for a minute...I gave her the day off, so I'm fillin' in for her (don't worry bloggy boss, i have permission :)

So I'm back with Chapter 2 in the long saga of Re-Model Posts (the doll house drama's got nothin' on what's comin') (heehee)

Grab your mornin' cup o' somethin' warm and read on...

Step 1 • Prime with grey colored Gripper (2 coats)
Step 2 • Paint with Behr Premium Plus Interior High Gloss Enamel/Black (2coats)
Step 3 • Minwax Gloss Lacquer tabletop (4 coats)

Materials for chairback covers:
•1 yard of fabric
•1 yard of heavyweight fabric
(you might be able to get 2 chair backs out of one yard 
depending on the size of your chairs)
•Sewing supplies
•Spray paint
•Purse handles
(mine were from Joann's, you can also use D rings, but that was too small for me I wanted something big and chunky...go big or go home right Nel?!)

My inspiration for these chair back covers were from Two Shades of Pink...
I didn't use place mats since my chairs were larger, but any fabric will work as long as you have a backing fabric, something of heavy weight to make it more sturdy...we used a beige colored denim. 

The purse handles came in a natural wood color, that I spray painted the same color as my refurbished chairs.

We cut out fabric to the measurements of the chairs...
Aunt P. sewed the back and the front right sides together, then turned them right side out and topstiched over the entire rectangle...
We made to strips from the leftover denim and made one a loop to secure the rings and the other a straight strip to feed through the rings...(she topstiched over the strips before sewing them onto the back of the material)

Wrap around chair backs and feed strip through handles like you would a D ring belt...

I am really excited about the final result for the whole dining room area...it's shapin' up!

The End

 PS. has anyone made Robin's thin chocolate chip cookie recipe??
They are Y.U.M.M.Y.
trust me...even the chief says so...and he's the chocolate chip cookie nazi

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  1. J, I L*O*V*E Chapter 2!! This is the bestest and most dramatic change and it looks awesome! You got style girl! Nel ☺

  2. Looks fabulous!!!!!! I can't wait to see everything! ~ mar*

  3. I am in "AWE"...I have been tossing the idea of painting or re-staining my oak dining room set and now I wish I had a sewing machine....I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the chair back covers....

    I think you should make and sell them to me ;-)

    Love Love Love it!!!

    If you get a chance please visit my "Crazy Beautiful Life" at http://mydailyphotojourney.blogspot.com and you will see my dining table in question....I would love any suggestions!!


  4. These are absolutely STUNNING!! I ran to see if I could do these on my chairs! My chair backs are vertical slats so I'm thinking I could do the same thing but 'side to side' rather than top to bottom! Thanks for a great tutorial!

  5. Ohmigoodness, ohmigoodness! This is EXACTLY what I envisioned when I did my chair covers but I ended up just doing the shortcut version but THIS...THIS is just AWESOME, STUNNING, PERFECT! I am so inspired to do mine again. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  6. What a great idea to make the covers buckle! These are so cute! I am featuring them on my blog later this week!

  7. This turned out beautifully. What a dramatic transformation. Very innovative chair covers!

  8. Wow! Just Wow. I have nothing else to say, but....WOW!!!!

  9. LOVE IT!!! This looks awesome J. -MJ

  10. When I saw your blog was called Seven Sisters I knew I had to come and see! I actually have 6 sisters, so we are 7 sisters! I thought maybe there was another family like ours! Guess not but how fun to be such good friends you can call yourselves sisters!
    This table makeover is wonderful and the chairback covers are to die for! WOuld love for you to stop by my blog!

  11. Oh.Em.Gee.! You're right, our tables turned out nearly the same! I LOOOOVVVE YOURS!! :)

    Janet @ www.iheartmygluegun.com


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