Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Morning Tradition

The public market is a great way to spend a morning. 

My husband and I love to get up early and visit the public market for fresh fruits, veggies and other special treats.  If you have a public market in your area, I would highly suggest you seek them out!  Not only are you getting a great deal on fresh items, but you are also helping support your local farmer by cutting out the middle man and giving the profits directly to them.  See for yourself!

Broccoli - 3 medium sized florets@ $2.00, Compare at $1.69/lb
Cauliflower - 1@ $2.00, Compare at $2.69 ea
Carrots - basket $1.00, Compare at $2.29
Sweet Onions - 2 large@ $1.00, Compare at $1.49/lb
Grapefruit - basket@ $3.00, Compare @ 4 for $5.00 (I got 6)
Brussel Sprouts - basket $2.00, Compare at $2.29/lb
Strawberries - 2 boxes $3.00, Compare at $2.99 ea
Cabbage - 2 X-Large@ $2.00, Compare at $.39/lb
Bananas - 1 bunch $1.50, Compare @ $.49/lb (same price)
Freschetta Bread - 5@ $2.00, I was only able to find this at my local grocery store in a frozen pizza style and it was $4.99 each!  I'd rather make my own for much less)

We spontaneously purchased the sticky buns and tart as a treat:
Cinnamon Buns - 1@ $2.00
Apple Tart - 1@ $.75

There is a ton of variety and many vendors (including vendors that sell cheese, nuts, seafood, eggs, meat and more!).  Our public market is open year round with a wide selection of items.  In the summer time we enjoy going almost every Saturday.  So check out your local public market and enjoy!


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