Tuesday, April 24, 2012

goodbye...hello ♥

Things sure have slowed down here at Seven Sisters...although you might occasionally see a post from one of the sisters from time to time :) 

 ...and guess what!? Jaime's set-up shop in her new little corner of the bloggy world,
so scoot on over to Raising up Rubies ...

...to peek in and say hi! 

We are all well, thanks to our Heavenly Father who continually bestows blessing on each of our families....we are so thankful for all of you who followed along with the 7 of us for a short but sweet time, we started blogging with the idea that it would bring us closer together as friends, and it did, and gave us 263 more! Bonus!

♥love to all....sevensisters
psalm 4.7


  1. Hi!
    your blog looks very fun/neat so I decided I would follow you!
    I am a Christian and love crafts!
    I would love it if you visited my blog!(:
    ~ Paige ~

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