About Seven Sisters

Welcome to our blog! This blog is the brainchild of 7 friends (3 biological sisters, a mother/daughter team and 3 friends, who are all sisters through Christ) who enjoy a plethora of fun! Whether it's Bible study, craft nights, swapping recipes, or checking out the latest decorating genius (or mishap!) we enjoy spending time together no matter what it is. We are so blessed!

In that vein, we thought, why not share our talents with the world? We all have something unique to offer and can't wait to have a bona fide avenue to share our recipes, crafts, and general monologues (good or bad!). Where will we find the time? Well, with so many of us, you'll see one post a week from each sister. (At least that's the plan...). We hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

Contact us at: sevensistersinchrist@gmail.com

Seven Sisters Bio's:

Mom of two sweet little girls and nicknamed “Martha” because of her impeccable perfectionism and seemingly ability to do “it all.” She’s the girlfriend who can make sweatpants and heels look good. And no, we’re not jealous…At all….
Post day: Monday
Go-to craft: Crochet
Favorite quotable: I made it all during one episode of Grey’s Anatomy!
Most popular post:  Birthday Box Tutorial
Significant Other: The Physician 

Mom of two crazy-fun grade school girls...usually dreaming up new ways to promote the blog or build the ultimate craft room or freshen up a dollhouse, J is usually hosting Bible study for the girls and their hubbies, baking sweets out of Martha Stewart cookbooks, or finally getting around to painting her kitchen.
Post day: Tuesday
Go-to craft: Decorating / DIY
Favorite quotable: No water!
Significant Other: The Chief

Dubbed the token “free spirit” of the group (although she may be surpassed by Jenn), S is drawn to decorating, thrifting, etsy and gluten free brownies. She’s also the proud mama of the Marshmallow, the cute polar bear looking dog you see from time to time around here!
Post day: Wednesday
Go-to craft: This free spirit will tackle anything, but her favorite is cross-stitch
Favorite quotable: Cheeri-o!
Most popular post: steppin' up

Wife, new homeowner, and fairly new to the whole “craft until midnight” drive of the other sisters, Jenn is embarking into the art of crochet and other such yarn crafts! Have you tried her acorn squash soup?
Post day: Thursday
Go-to craft: Woodburning
Favorite quotable: I'm not very good at this, but I try!
Most popular post: E's Project Implemented!
 Significant Other: The Professor



Our favorite mother-daughter team, Janel and Lulu! Janel is a another mom of 2 (seems to be the magical number around here) and our favorite Friday storyteller! She’s also married to The Mayor who gets a guest shout out once in a while (like right now!). Lulu joins us as the youngest sister and can often be found baking  cupcakes or making things with duct tape!
Post day: Friday and Saturday
Go-to craft: scrapbooking (Janel), perler beads (Lulu)
Favorite quotables: Smiles and frowns of the week!
Most popular post: Doctor's Kit for Real Play (Janel)                                                         Lucky Ducky Duct Tape Flower Pens (Lulu)
Significant Other/Dad: The Mayor

We might not see a lot of new-mom MJ around here yet, but when we do you’ll be in for some sweet surprises as she is always sure to bring something wonderful from the kitchen and her nursery blocks are pretty much to die for!
Post day: Sunday
Go-to craft: Mod-Podge
Most popular post: Little Bit of Love


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