Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Much Do You Know?

Answer the following questions (answers below):

1.      What are the colors of our flag?
2.      How many stars are there in our flag?
3.      What color are the stars on our flag?
4.      What do the stars on the flag mean?
5.      How many stripes are there in the flag?
6.      What color are the stripes?
7.      What do the stripes on the flag mean?
8.      How many states are there in the union?
9.      What is the 4th of July?
10.     What is the date of Independence Day?
11.     Independence from whom?
12.     What country did we fight during the Revolutionary War?
13.     Who was the first President of the United States?
14.     Who is the President of the United States today?
15.     Who is the Vice-President of the United States today?
16.     Who elects the President of the United States?
17.     Who becomes President of the United States if the President should die?
18.     For how long do we elect the President?
19.     What is the Constitution?
20.     Can the Constitution be changed?
21.     What do we call a change to the Constitution?
22.     How many changes or amendments are there to the Constitution?
23.     How many branches are there in our government?
24.     What are the three branches of our government?
25.     What is the legislative branch of our government?
26.     Who makes the laws in the United States?
27.     What is Congress?
28.     What are the duties of Congress?
29.     Who elects Congress?
30.     How many senators are there in Congress?
31.     Who wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner"?
32.     For how long do we elect each senator?
33.     How many representatives are there in Congress?
34.     For how long do we elect the representatives?
35.     What is the executive branch of our government?
36.     What is the judiciary branch of our government?
37.     What are the duties of the Supreme Court?
38.     What is the supreme law of the United States?
39.     What is the Bill of Rights?
40.     What is the capital of your state?
41.     Who is the current governor of your state?
42.     Who becomes President of the U.S.A. if the President and the Vice-President should die?
43.     Who is the chief justice of the Supreme Court?
44.     Can you name the thirteen original states?
45.     Who said, "Give me liberty or give me death"?
46.     Which countries were our enemies during World War II?
47.     What are the 49th and 50th states of the Union?
48.     How many terms can a President serve?
49.     Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
50.     Who is the head of your local government?

 How do you think you did?  Check your answers below:

1.      Red, white, and blue
2.      50
3.      White
4.      One for each state in the union
5.      13
6.      Red and white
7.      They represent the original 13 states
8.      50
9.      Independence Day
10.     July 4th
11.     England
12.     England
13.     George Washington
14.     Barrak Obama
15.     Joseph Biden
16.     The electoral college
17.     Vice President
18.     Four years
19.     The Supreme Law of the Land
20.     Yes
21.     Amendments
22.     27
23.     3
24.     Legislative, executive, and judiciary
25.     Congress
26.     Congress
27.     The Senate and the House of Representatives
28.     To make laws
29.     The people
30.     100
Francis Scott Key
32.     6 years
33.     435
34.     2 years
35.     The President, Cabinet, and departments under the cabinet members
36.     The Supreme Court
37.     To interpret laws
38.     The Constitution
39.     The first 10 amendments of the Constitution
40.     (local information)
41.     (local information)
42.     Speaker of the House of Representatives
43.     William Rehnquist
44.     Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts,Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Rhode Island, and Maryland
45.     Patrick Henry
46.     Germany, Italy, and Japan
47.     Hawaii and Alaska
48.     2
49.     A civil rights leader
50.     (local information)
Do these questions seem familiar at all?  They are only a few questions that are asked on the United States Citizenship Exam.  Would you pass?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my brother's dresser

I apologize if the above picture is a bit frightening.  This was my little brother's bedroom a few months ago (it has since been much improved, I promise!).  What we want to focus in on is the dresser.  It's a nice old antique dresser that belonged to our great aunt.  My brother had been using it for his clothes and apparently as a belt hangar and TV stand.  He has since gotten a new dresser and this old dresser was offered up and I snatched it right away!

I knew there was some potential hiding behind the scratched up top and faded sections.


I think this dresser is taking well to it's new surroundings- our nursery of course!

When I got it to my house, it definitely needed a good sanding down.  I knew I wanted it to be a lighter color instead of the reddish color that it was.  Unfortunately, after sanding it down (I promise I did ALL this before I was pregnant!) the scratches in the top just weren't fixable.  So instead of re-polying it all, I decided to go with a two tone effect.  I painted the shell of the dresser in white and poly'd over the drawers so their natural wood hue could shine through.  A couple of $1.99 knobs later, and this baby shined right up!  Total cost for the dresser was only about $16 since the dresser was free, the paint and poly I had on hand, and the knobs were very reasonable!

Ooh and another sneak peek of the nursery is in the mirror!   And no, that's not a hand print painted on the top of the dresser, it's an old hankie that I had made for my mom when I was little- it's my hand print!

I love how simple the knobs are, yet they make the dresser look much more modern.

And of course what I love most about the dresser?  The cute baby pj's it holds!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

DIY Play Dresses...

I love little girl dresses! And so do my girls. Little L would wear a dress every day if she could. During the summer we spend most of our time outside doing different activities or just playing in the backyard. I just love putting dresses on them in the summertime. But lets be serious! My girls get very dirty! They love to play in the dirt and eat popsicles and s'mores, pick flowers, blow bubbles, color with chalk..etc..So I can't put them in their nice Sunday dresses to play outside in.  I decided to make them both some adorable play dresses that they could do whatever they wanted in. Now Little L pretty much wears one every day!

I took Little L to Joann's to pick out some fabric. I chose to get a "mock smock cotton print" and of course it has Princesses on it! I measured the chest circumference of each of my girls and bought enough fabric plus a few inches for the hem. 

Mock Smock Cotton Print Fabric
Rick Rack Ribbon
Sewing Supplies

Step 1: Measure and Cut your fabric. I used Pinking Shears so the fabric wouldn't fray as much. 
Stem 2: Hem the back seam
Step 3: Measure  and cut your Rick Rack Ribbon. Leave some extra room to hem it.
Step 4: Hem the Rick Rack Ribbon so it doesn't fray.
Step 5: Sew the Ribbon onto the dress. (I put the dresses on them and then measured where I wanted to straps to be then pinned them in place and sewed them on.)

This is how it turned out. Little L loves them. She wears them as play dresses and as pajamas.

Little E loves them too.



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Friday, June 24, 2011

♥ diy hanging planters ♥

girls...these are the easiest things to make...ever
the nice lunch lady at my daughter's school saves these ginormous aluminum cans for me, the ones the big amounts of applesauce & fruit come in, then spray painted white...the chief drilled holes on each side (and some smaller holes on the bottoms for drainage) for the thick rope i used, from Home Depot...cut at different lengths...i threaded the rope through the holes then tied a knot on the inside of the can, the jute is so thick it'll hold well...

don't ya just love the rocking chair...i got it off the curb! 

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7: 13-15

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