Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cutest Bows Ever

A few months ago J found the cutest patterns for little crocheted bows that I have ever seen. And now I've been going bow crazy over here. They are so fast and easy to make, and make the perfect little gift for special little girls. J found the pattern at happy together. Little E is almost a year old and I made her a whole little box filled with these little bows. Its the perfect little gift.

I wanted to make sure I didn't make the little bows too big or too small for her head, so I followed the pattern this way:

Chain 8

single crochet in second chain from hook and then all the way across.

I followed that with 2 more rows (for a total of 3 rows of single crochet).

Then single crocheted around the edges of the bow. Set aside.

For the piece that wraps around I chained 12

single crocheted in the second chain from hook and single crocheted the rest of the row.

Then I followed the rest of her directions for gluing the bow together.

P.S. I also found that using cotton yarn made the bows turn out the best!!!
I just LOVE how they turned out. It was a great, easy tutorial to follow as well. Tune in next week for a tutorial on the little box I placed all these adorable little bows into.

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  1. Mar, you MUST show the adorable box that the bows go in...the whole package is too that next week? try to keep Little E off the computer so she doesn't see her birthday present, okay?! Nel ☺


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