Wednesday, January 19, 2011

love is in the crafty air

The sisters know I'm not one to get very Valentin-y, but if I were, the projects would of course start extra early so I could be all organized ahead of time (hence why I am posting this a month before Valentines Day hehe).

While my Funny Valentine (the hubby) and I don't get all mushy gushy ourselves, there is one project I do every year for our church kiddos. And it's so easy a cavegirl could do it;

Everything you need is in the below photo. I won't go into too much detail, as these tutorials are all over the internet, and I'm sure it's pretty easy to replicate from photos alone.

You can find candy bar wrapper templates from one of my favorite resources, Microsoft Templates. I downloaded one of their pre-made versions, and then edited it a bit to add a Bible verse- however as you can see from the hearts cut off the top (below picture) that I should have checked my sizing first. I say, oh well! The kids won't care as long as there's chocolate involved!

So gather your supplies, cut out your pretty wrapper to match the size of your candy bar, and use the tape to wrap it up.

Perfect! Every kid loves a free candy bar, and I even worked a Bible verse in. :)

Psalm 34:8 - O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

p.s. see this verse in action again @ Keeping Up With the Joneses'! Looks so cute!


  1. Love this also. Might have to copy this idea.

  2. Very cute S! Jenn, we need to think of a cute Valentine's crafty-gift for the kiddos at our table pronto! Or...we could just steal, I mean borrow, this idea! Or maybe we could just convince S to whip up a couple more!! (there are 5 of us at the red table S, in case you are reading this...) haha Nel ☺

  3. I shared it so you can copy the idea all you want Nel! Maybe at the next craft night I can walk you through it ;) ~*S*~


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