Monday, January 24, 2011

Homemade Birthday Box Tutorial

Can I say ADORABLE!!! J and I think so!!
A month or so ago, J found a pattern for these little bows online (see previous post). And
I have just fallen in love with them. They make the perfect little gift for a little girl of any age. Perfectly complemented inside a perfect little box. And perfect for a little girls cutie paatootie exchange.... (see J's post about the cutest kiddie crayon apron).
I had to come up with something to keep these little bows in, which is how "the box" came to be. I made a really cute box for my husbands cousin who is expecting a little girl very soon. I just loved how it turned out so much that I HAD to make Little E one too. Her 1st birthday is coming up soon so I thought this would be a perfect gift for a little girl turning one. Besides... what on earth do you buy for a one year old.. I hadn't figured it out until now!!
Below is a full tutorial on how I did it and I'm sure you'll agree the result is just simply
There are examples of a couple different boxes that I made, you'll see that it was fun to play with different colors and craft paper for each unique box.
All of the materials you will need:
Craft paper
Wooden box (any size)
Clear Glossy Paint (Optional)
Small paintbrush
Sponge Paintbrush
One Bead
Rub on Stickers
Hot glue gun

* First cut all your craft paper to size. One piece for the top of the box and one for the bottom.
* Modpodge the top and place your paper making sure to rub out the bubbles. LET DRY.
* Repeat for the bottom. LET DRY.
* Next measure and cut out your pieces for the four sides of the box.
tip: Measure the box with the lid closed and cut your paper to size, then measure to cut the top and bottom pieces for each side. That way when the box is closed the paper matches up.
*Modpodge each side separately allowing each side to dry before moving on to the next side.
hint: modpodge dries very quickly!
*Next move on to the inside of the box. Measure and cut 2 pieces for inside top and bottom.
*Modpodge them on. LET DRY
* Once it is dry, add a coat of modpodge on the surface of the craft paper to secure it into place and give it some "shine". Add a paper detail if you wish.
hint: Modpodge dries clear
(the bottom right picture are the two boxes that were given to J's little girls for our exchange)
* Once finished with the inside of the box, add a coat of modpodge to the entire outside of the box. Paint one or two sides at a time and allow them to dry. Add a paper detail to the top if you wish.
*Let dry completely.

* Add rub on stickers. I put little birdies on the horse and later rubbed on the name of one of J's little girls.

*After I put the rub on stickers on I gave the top of the box one coat of clear glossy craft paint to give it some extra shine.

* The Last step was using a hot glue gun to add the bead detail to the front of the box.

* Top left small box is for my husband's cousin's baby and the bottom larger box is for Little E

*Inside the smaller box I made E's fabulous magnets and used rub on stickers to spell her name. One magnet for each letter. (To ensure the rub on sticker would stay on the magnet I added a very small coat of the glossy paint just over the rub on letter)

* The final touch to the gift was adding the little bows (of course any little gift or trinket would be just as cute!)

*The bottom right is Little E's collection of bows inside her box.

Personally I love making hand made gifts for anyone I can, and this little idea was truly easy and quick and I love how it turned out... can you tell.. I went a little box crazy!!


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  1. This is lovely, thanks for sharing

  2. Love it! Very creative. I will be making these, thanks for sharing!

  3. really cute mar! i wonder which daughter the horsies are for ;) hehe. ~*S*~

  4. If you have not been by already, I hope you enter my linky contest! You could be the Best of January 2011 and be showered with prizes! While you are there, I have several Valentines giveaways going on right now!

  5. Mar, those all came out so cute! That bunny paper is just so totally adorable!! Nice job! Nel ☺


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