Monday, June 27, 2011

DIY Play Dresses...

I love little girl dresses! And so do my girls. Little L would wear a dress every day if she could. During the summer we spend most of our time outside doing different activities or just playing in the backyard. I just love putting dresses on them in the summertime. But lets be serious! My girls get very dirty! They love to play in the dirt and eat popsicles and s'mores, pick flowers, blow bubbles, color with chalk..etc..So I can't put them in their nice Sunday dresses to play outside in.  I decided to make them both some adorable play dresses that they could do whatever they wanted in. Now Little L pretty much wears one every day!

I took Little L to Joann's to pick out some fabric. I chose to get a "mock smock cotton print" and of course it has Princesses on it! I measured the chest circumference of each of my girls and bought enough fabric plus a few inches for the hem. 

Mock Smock Cotton Print Fabric
Rick Rack Ribbon
Sewing Supplies

Step 1: Measure and Cut your fabric. I used Pinking Shears so the fabric wouldn't fray as much. 
Stem 2: Hem the back seam
Step 3: Measure  and cut your Rick Rack Ribbon. Leave some extra room to hem it.
Step 4: Hem the Rick Rack Ribbon so it doesn't fray.
Step 5: Sew the Ribbon onto the dress. (I put the dresses on them and then measured where I wanted to straps to be then pinned them in place and sewed them on.)

This is how it turned out. Little L loves them. She wears them as play dresses and as pajamas.

Little E loves them too.



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  1. I've always seen this fabric in stores but have been to intimidated to buy. You've made it look so easy, think I might just try it out! My daughter loves dresses too! Sew cute! :)

    Found you through Sew Can Do, I'm linking up today too!

  2. easy peasy and cute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  3. Love it!! Those rick rac type straps are so sweet!!


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