Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden Time! Part 2!

The vegetables have made it into the nice rich soil safe and sound.  It was a little rough going at first because the evening that we put our baby plants into the ground, was the same evening that we had torrential rain and a thunderstorm so they had to adapt quickly and survive the downpour their first night on their own.

I just can't wait to start harvesting all of the yummy veggies we will get!!!

 The hose that is snaking through our garden has multiple holes so the water gets evenly distributed.


  1. Jenn, it looks so cute and fresh!! I am hoping you don't have any bunnies who might nip off your tender plants. We do, I would have to put wire fence around the bottom of the pen. You need a basket for when you skip outside to collect all your veggies!!(You must skip ☺) Nel ☺

  2. Okay, I am looking closer at the pics and I think you do have fence around the bottom, yes? Whew. Bunny-proofed. Nel ☺


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