Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lulu's Sizzlin' Saturday... Strawberry Soup

Oh hey folks Lulu here! I am 13 years old and going into 8th grade. For the summer I have decided to have my own posting day... Saturday! Something you should know about me is that I L-O-V-E food and easy recipes... who doesn't? Every Saturday I will try to present a fun recipe easy enough to be made by a young "Chef in Training".☺

Today's Recipe: Cinderella's Strawberry Soup (This is what Cinderella ate after she became a princess... before that she only ate broth and stale bread.☺)

Random Recipe Rotes... I mean Notes: We first tasted this heaven-in-a-bowl at the 1900 Park Fare restaurant in the Grand Floridian Resort at Disney World. This turned out to be the BEST part of the meal... well, except for when my dad broke the ice cream machine and got ice cream all down the front of him and on the floor and the staff members had to come out and clean it up.☺

The Best Time to Serve this Dish: Tea parties, girlie lunches, baby showers, bridal showers... Or as my 10 year old brother requested, ladled into his water bottle for soccer practice!☺ 

On with the show!... the recipe...

Cinderella's Strawberry Soup
Two 16 oz. containers frozen, sliced strawberries with sugar
16 oz. heavy cream
2 oz. light sour cream
3 oz. plain Greek yogurt
fresh strawberries for garnish

1. Thaw frozen berries in their juices.
2. Blend all ingredients except the fresh strawberries in a blender on low until smooth (All of this did not fit in our blender. You may need to blend in batches and stir together in a large bowl.)
3. Chill, stir before serving, garnish with fresh strawberries.

Fancy Pants Add-on: Strawberry Fan Garnish

1. Cut a strawberry in half length wise through the stem. 
2. Take one half and make two length wise cuts from just below the stem to the pointed end.

3. Spread the sections apart forming a fan making sure all pieces stay attached at the stem.

Viola! You have a beautiful strawberry fan to garnish your delicious Strawberry Soup!

Now enjoy and don't forget to eat like a princess!! ♥

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  1. Roobey Dooobey this was the cutest post...

  2. yummy!....I love that he drinks it in his water bottle hahahaha.....Mar~

  3. Strawberry soup definitely makes me smile!!! And so does your father having the ice cream machine attack! Thanks for the recipe Lulu! I'm off to the farm stand to get some berries!

  4. That looks so good! Thanks for sharing!


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