Wednesday, July 6, 2011

la la la lavender!

Summer is like Christmas sometimes with all the birthdays, grad parties and weddings that typically occur around this time, except instead of how on Christmas you get to give everything out on one day, it's spread out onto three months!  I'm not complaining, I find it a real confidence booster to find the *perfect* gift for someone.  It really IS so much better to give than to receive!

Ok, so a few weeks ago I talked about the fun grad gift I made.  This week, we're on to a summer birthday, namely my sister in law.  She's into lavender.  I found a great etsy shop called Simply Lavender that sells lavender syrup!!  I know, I never would have thought of lavender in a syrup, but apparently it's quite delicious in lemonade and over crepes. I purchased the lavender and lemon lavender flavors for the gift. 

Secondly, it dawned on me that I had planted some English Lavender in our garden this year!  I didn't have enough to make a bouquet as I had hoped for her, so I went a-looking around the old world wide web for some baking ideas and found this recipe for Lavender Scented Sugar Cookies.  It calls for one tablespoon of dried lavender leaves, so I cut off the few lavender stems I had and turned them upside down to dry!  I also took the tip from the review to make the simple sugar cookie icing recipe flavored with lemon.  To make these gluten free, I substituted the 2 cups flour for 2 cups of Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour plus a half teaspoon of xanthan gum. They turned out beautiful! (And tasted good too!)

What summer gift ideas do you have?

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