Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sticks and Frames

I was perusing through some other blogs for projects and came across the blog Cleverly Inspired.  I needed some ideas for around the house and really liked the idea of using sticks to make art.  I had an old picture frame that I wasn't using and found a can of black spray paint from around the house.  My yard has a lot of sticks in it, so I was not left wanting for materials. I followed the guide on the blog, and found it really simple.

First, I gathered some sticks from my yard and spray painted them black.  

 I them used some clippers to shorten a few of the sticks and a staple gun to secure them to the frame.

I left them to dry while I spray painted the frame.  I used black for this as well.

I love the look of the black sticks and frame against my Green Tea color wall.  Fabulous!!


  1. very free spirit, so of course i <3 it! ~*S*~

  2. Jenn, cool project and the black does look awesome against your wall color! Nel

  3. Totally linking to to this later today. I love that this wall art looks awesome on its own, but could also be decorated seasonally!


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