Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cutest Magnets.... Ever!

Happy Tuesday, Peeps!

I confess..... I have an absolute addiction to crafting and decorating blogs. The only problem with my addiction, is that I find WAY too many "things" I want to make. Usually, I just file the ideas away in my mental crafting filing cabinet (and never get around to doing them.... ). But, last week, I found the most ahhdorable thing ever on http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/.

These little jobbies.....

Say it with me.... "CAAAUUUUUUUTE!"

So, "J" and I took a (4 hour) trip to Joanns to get all the supplies. Is it possible to even go in there and stay on task? I. think. not.

Anyway.... The magnets are SO easy to make...

Materials: Glass Disks (found in the floral dept.)
Scrapbook paper
Foam paint brush
Step One: Punch out a circle from the scrapbook paper of your choice.

Exhibit A:

Step Two: Apply Mod-Podge to the back (flat side) of the glass disk. (Do these things even have an official name? Heaven knows...)

Exhibit B:

Step Three: Position circle in desired position--face down. (I have double-sided paper.)

Exhibit C:

Step Four: Use your fingers to push out any air bubbles... So, the Mod-Podge will dry smoothly. Also, the Mod-Podge is white at first... but, it dries clearly, I promise! :)
Step Five: Apply Mod-Podge to either side of the magnet and place on the back of the glass disk.

Exhibit D:

and finally.....

Note: This magnet was hot off the press-- so the Mod-Podge doesn't look as clear as it will when it dries.

So stinkin' cute and easy! Wouldn't these be so great as shower favors? I made some that spell out my daughter's name for one of her Christmas gifts. The pefect addition to the Art Easel that we're getting for her room.

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
1 Thessalonians 5:18
Happy Thanksgiving!! Only 2
days left... I better get cleaning!

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  1. so glad your here friend!!! love those magnets!!! gotta make me some..."AAAAAHHHH-dorable" ♥J.

  2. E... these are SUPER cute!! Welcome to sistaville!
    Nel ☺

  3. These are adorable! Thanks for joining my linky party!


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