Friday, February 11, 2011

MAN-made Crafts

It is Pinewood Derby time for the Cub Scouts and the Mayor (my husband) and CJ (my ten year old son) really, really get excited about this! If you do not have the pleasure of being acquainted with the art of Pine Wood Derby cars, it goes like and boys take a plain block of wood and magically transform it into a vehicle. Then they spend an afternoon racing these vehicles against one another. (grunt like Tim the Toolman) It is actually very cool what the boys come up with and the Mayor never ceases to impress me with his car carving! CJ decided that a hot pink Corvette was the flavor of 2011, Barbie would be proud. I offered to paint the Barbie logo somewhere on the car but he declined. The Mayor decided to recreate the Ecto-1, the car from Ghostbusters! It came out very cool, complete with white-wall tires. (Go ahead, hum the Ghostbusters theme song, you know you want to) ☺ They both spent a good deal of time shaping, sanding and painting and I realized...the boys are doing CRAFTS!! (Squeal!) Man-crafts!

As we were driving to the event on race day, CJ and I were talking about his car and how great it came out and how lucky he is to have a dad who gets excited to do this with him. His response was that he was glad his car looked good because he never has the fastest one. Well, this year he did...he won first place in his den and had the third fastest car overall for the whole Cub Scout pack! Cool-ee-oo! So, came home with two big trophies and an even bigger smile! And...the Ghostbuster mobile was a fast one too, the Mayor came in first in the leaders race.

Yea! for the man-crafters!

Ummm, hey, we've done a lot of crafts but I don't recall getting any trophies! It must be that men do crafts so infrequently they need to be rewarded for their efforts! Heehee!

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