Sunday, April 10, 2011

Goodbye winter ♥ Hello Spring

We're baaaaaack! 
Sevensisters has sprung into action with the warm (sorta) weather around here!

I think we're outta our 
"i don't want to blog because my phone says it's April, and while i read on everyone else's blog about how they're gardening and taking walks smelling the daffodils, we freezing out butts off and there's still snow on the ground...miserable"  

I don't know about you, but I'm officially sealing my last can of paint, throwing all the dumb blue tape and washed paintbrushes (does anyone understand that washing 476 paintbrushes in a span of 5 weeks is really obnoxious?) in an unorganized fashion (check out this girl, i wanna be like her) into a huge blue tote to be forever banished to the ends of the earth! and gettin' out the flip flops and short sleeved shirts!!
ok, ok, i know that might be a little premature for upstate NY, but if we will it to come, it might come?

So I know Mother's Day still seems far away, but I found this cute project idea on Two Shades of Pink via One Pretty Thing...and I thought this would be a cute replacement for real know the ones that are beautiful for a couple days, then die...these will last all year! 
Here's a few shots of supplies we used and the flowers my girls came up with... 

...this is a really great kiddo craft, that actually turns out cute...she mentions using pipe cleaners so it's easier for kids to bend and thread through the buttons and paper...the only downside to this is that the pipe cleaners don't provide much "lift" for the heavy tops of the flowers...the covered floral wire is very stiff, and holds any of the flowers, large or small...
...once they thread the flowers on the wire, then add the button, you can just bend the wire into shape for them (i used needlenose pliers) before you twist underneath the flower...the ones above were made with pipe cleaners the pic below is one made with floral wire...

Happy Spring Sistahs!!
(I have lotsa pics of the house re-model that i want to put up soon...we keep joking that extreme makeover came to our house except we're the ones who did all the work and paid for all the stuff! ...and there was no bus to yell "bus driver move that bus" to...but there was crying...the chief was crying tears of pure paint torture) (he has a crown in heaven for putting up with me)

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  1. I love, love, love your paper flowers! They are just gorgeous and I love that my tutorial inspired you. Thank you so much for sharing these and your little scoop on the pipe cleaners. Maybe losing the button would make the pipe cleaners more doable or twisting 2 together at the back of the flower for more support. But I liked working with that floral wire too. Just lovely!

  2. Gorgeous flowers!! Love the paper you used!

  3. J, these are just beautious! Very happy looking and probably wouldn't get eaten by cats! And did I catch a glimpse of the new wall paint color in the background?? Can't wait for the big reveal!! Nel ☺

  4. very adorable...and they never die!!


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