Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yarrrr, I be looking for Treasure

So I really loved Mar's idea with the homemade birthday box.  Making them for girls is so easy, I had a tough time coming up what to do for a boy.  My nephew's birthday was coming up (he's going to be 5) and I decided to make him a birthday box.  I found some cute scrap-paper at Joann's called All About Boys.  I really liked the page with the pirate ship on it and decided to go with a pirate theme. 

 I decorated the front with the ship, the sides with the collage of words and the inside the the ocean bottom scene.   

I happened to have some left over scrapbook paper that had a treasure map on it.  I had an awesome idea, so I burned the edges of the map to make it look used and old and rolled it up and put it in his box.  Now he can go on a treasure hunt for his gold coined candy!

 I had a fire at the time in the fireplace, so I carefully placed the paper inside and gently burned the edges.  Please use caution in duplicating this procedure.

I then took a black marker and made the "X" on the map more distinguished and made a little route showing how to reach the treasure.

I rolled up the map and tied it with some ribbon.

We filled the box with the gold chocolate coins.

 Now he can use his treasure map to find his long lost coins!  How exciting!

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  1. Jenn, you're on a roll with these boxes! The map looks cool! Nel ☺


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