Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Day

What would I do on my perfect day? I am quite sure I have never answered this question until now. In fact I doubt this question has ever even crossed my mind since I had my two little girls. My life is beautiful with them, so of course they would be a big part of my beautiful, perfect day. To start with my perfect day would have to be in the fall, when it is cool, the leaves are changing, and I can wear warm sweaters and scarfs.

First my day would start out with sleeping in, but just until 8 am. In my house that is defiantly sleeping in! I would wake up to find my little L snuggling with me and my honey. Little E close by in her crib. Little L would give us kisses to wake us up, and in our most comfy pajama's we would make our way downstairs. Breakfast would be a big deal and little L would pull up a chair next to the counter to help me make it. While daddy got little E up for the day, little L and mommy would be cracking eggs and making french toast. Once we ate our wonderful breakfast, sipped on our coffee and talked about our perfect day, daddy would do the dishes and clean up the kitchen while little E played and giggled and Little L and mommy made a picnic lunch. Once we packed all our favorite things and I got dressed into my most comfortable jeans, sweater, scarf, and of course a pair of fashionable shoes; we would get out our maps and find the most beautiful hiking trail around where we could see all the changing leaves.
Once we were hiking with little L leading the way I would hold hands with my honey and just enjoy the walk and the loves of my life. All along the way looking for the biggest pine cones we could find. We would find the best place for our picnic lunch and enjoy it together. Once back home the girls would lay down for their naps and my honey and I would make a fresh pot of coffee and enjoy a few moments together while the girls napped.
Talking about what they will be like when they grow up, and how to keep all the boys away! Yes, we need to plan this well in advance!

Once the girls woke up from their naps daddy would get out all the smocks, paint, and glitter to jazz up all the pine cones we found with the girls on our hike while mommy made dinner and a yummy desert. After making some yummy treats for dinner I would head on over to one of my seven sisters houses for a night of crafting! This would end my most perfect beautiful day, on the most beautiful perfect note. Eating, laughing, and crafting! (in my most fashionable shoes!)


  1. i like how you "defiantly" sleep in. Take that sunrise!!!! xoxo ~*S*~

  2. Aww, that just sounds soo cute! ~Jenn~

  3. Mar, I love your perfect day because it involves a lot of food! I want to see these "most fashionable" shoes that you go hiking in!! Nel


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