Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what to get when you don't know what to get

It's been mentioned in previous posts that here at 7Sisters we are doing our best to stay on top of the holidays this year!  I have to say that's definitely true for myself since I look like this (below) and expect the little snowflake to arrive 2-3 weeks before Christmas:

Talk about pressure! :)  But you girls know me, and I'm proud to say that I'm halfway done with my shopping already! Woohoo!

It hasn't been easy though, let me tell ya!  Shopping for someone in September can be difficult when you don't give them the gift until December and if people are anything like me...well, I've been told I'm a free spirit and it's true that I can go wherever the wind blows me... and the wind in September might not be the same in December! So while I'm crossing my fingers that my gift giving tactics are as foolproof as possible (everyone's allowed a gift flub once in a while, right? I mean, I know I've had my fair share) I thought I'd share a handy dandy list I whipped up to help me along on my gift-buying journey. 

Not ready for Christmas?  Don't worry, it's not holiday specific (though it does kinda lean towards girlier gifts), what can I say- you're at Seven Sisters, not Buncha Brothers! :)  I really tried to think of things that the gift giver would definitely use, love and enjoy. Things that you just can't have too much of...really nice colorful cloth dinner napkins are one of my secret loves as well as pretty stationary. 

The Fashionista
  1. The Trend Watcher
    •  A little black wallet or clutch
    • Warm cashmere gloves in winter or sunglasses in summer 
    • Shoes (or a gift card to their favorite shoe store)
    • Fashion magazine subscription
  2. To the beat of their own drum
    • Costume jewelry from a local boutique, etsy, or handmade
    • Handmade crocheted slippers
    • Breezy neck scarf
    • Colorful tights
    • Bright colored nailpolish
The Chef
  1. The Chocolate Lover
    • High end chocolate (duh)
    • Set of dessert plates (thrift shop!!)
    • Cupcake domes (Hobby Lobby!)
  2.  The Health Nut
The Home Decor Lover
  1. Just moved in
    • Housewarming gift bucket (small tools, nails, wood glue, etc)
    • Homemade "About the Area" book with tips and recommendations
    • Welcoming door mat
    • Plantable plant (or flowers for the apartment dweller)
    • Mrs Meyers or Method cleaning products gift basket (looove Method!)
    • Paintbrushes, rollers, and primer, oh my!
  2. Festivity lover
    • A wreath (for all those OTHER holidays)
    • Homemade heart garland for Valentines' Day
    • Handmade ornament (or search etsy)
    • Variety of sunflower seeds, wrapped in a pretty bow
    • Pumpkin carving set
    • Make your own snowman kit
    • Holiday themed tablecloth (other than Christmas)
  3. Artsy
    • Homemade abstract art/painting (or search etsy)
    • Thrift store art piece
    • Brightly colored sofa pillows
    • Hand painted birdhouse
    • Colorful/bold cloth napkins
  4. Practical
    • Pretty glass storage containers (or anything pretty for organizing)
    • Handmade blanket
    • Pretty placemat set
The Adventurer
  1. Beach lover
    • Colorful beach towel (with a favorite magazine!)
    • Name/monogram written in the sand, take a picture, frame it and give!
  2. Mountain/Nature lover
    • Cute printed rainboots
    • Bike basket (or if they already have a basket, a basket liner)
    • Picnic blanket or basket (or both!)
    • Outdoor game- think KanJam, bocce, horseshoes, etc
    • Zoo passes
    • White water rafting gift certificate
    • A really nice flashlight (in pink for your girlfriend of course)
  1. Your best friend
    • Letter writing kit (with all the fancy stuff!)
    • Magazine subscription
    • Pedicure or manicure date
    • Journal
    • Frame her kids' art for her!
    • Nice, colorful, WARM socks
  2. Your grandma
    • A homemade card
    • Stationary
    • Homemade baked bread, cookies, fudge, etc (you thought Grandma's liked cooking for YOU, but they like receiving too... at least in my experience :) )
    • A lunch date
    • Scan, restore, or save old photos for her
  3. Your significant other
    • WHAT HE ASKS FOR (no really...c'mon, men are simple folk).
    • A "how to pray for your wife" mini book- I've seen these on etsy, love them!
    • A love letter
    • Sporting event/concert tickets

Obviously this list isn't exhaustive, but hopefully it helps you get your creative juices flowing!  Go ahead and comment with more gift ideas too! Can always use some nifty new ones. I still have the other half of my Christmas shopping to do :) Oh, and for a lot of kid-related gift ideas, click on our "gift ideas" link on the sidebar under the "We're Organized" heading!


  1. Those are some awesome gift ideas! And I didn't even get heart palpitations when I read that you're shopping is half done!! That picture is precious...quite sure I didn't look that cute when I was pregnant. ☺ Janel

  2. you look stinkin' these ideas...
    (buncha brothers...HA!)

  3. what a good idea S!! and yea..buncha brothers cracked me up!! HAHA Mar~

  4. Great ideas! Ugh... I never start thinking of presents until I have to rush to get them done :(

  5. I haven't started shopping yet but I have started a list of things that I need to get. My goal this year is to have EVERYTHING!! wrapped before the kids get out of school for Christmas break. Wrapping on my bed after they go to bed is for the birds.

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