Friday, September 16, 2011

Wash Day, Ironing Day, Cleaning Day...

Happy Friday friends! Ever since the kiddos started back to school last week, I have been trying to steer myself onto the road of organization and cleaning. And let my tell you, sisters, that road isn't always smooth. I sit here and ponder...why can I not keep my house picked up and company ready? The desire is there...what is the problem? I figured out that I am very easily distracted (something shiny?? Where?) If I even sit down at this stinkin' computer in the morning, hours can easily slip away! (Pinterest anyone?) I also L.O.V.E. to read. I will sometimes bribe myself by "allowing" myself to read my book for 30 minutes if I do this, this and this first.
Anyway, I have become slightly obsessed (in a good way) with the idea of  a chore for every day. It worked generations ago...I think it went something like...Monday was wash day (because it was such hard work and you would be all rested up from Sunday), Tuesday was ironing day (because all the wash was clean, makes sense), Wednesday was sewing day (maybe you noticed all the things that need mending while you ironed?), Thursday was market day (did this take all day cause they had to walk to the market?...uphill?...both ways?), Friday was cleaning (I guess that was bound to come along eventually), Saturday was baking day (now that sounds fun!) and then Sunday was a day to rest (Amen!).
My Great Grandma had embroidered towels that showed the daily chores. They were so fun to look at when I was little. (I was probably distracted by the neat towels whilst I was supposed to be doing a chore!) I found these kitty "chore of the day" kitchen towels on cute!

I am still trying to iron out (haha) the best cleaning/chore schedule, but Mondays have become the day that I change all the sheets. Is it bad that I never had a set day to do this before? Does everyone change sheets once a week? Is that normal or excessive? Please advise. 
I really do love the feel of clean nice...but changing them is for the birds! My son has bunk beds (I always wack my head) and my daughter has an extreme amount of pillows on her bed. We really aren't sure how she fits in the bed with all those pillows.

Here is my sheet changing "supervisor".  A big black kitty known as Oreo. He loves to lay on the bed as you're trying to make it, right in the way, getting all tangled up in blankets and sheets. Fabulous.

Last spring I cleaned out and organized my linen closet. No, I am not showing any before and after pictures 'cause it is my own stupid fault that there even was a "before" and it really wasn't pretty. ☺ I started using a tip from Martha Stewart about putting each folded sheet set into its pillowcase so the sets stay nicely organized and together. It seems to be working...I haven't had to search the closet for a matching pillowcase in months!

Ummm...that is Martha's linen closet, well one of them at least, not mine. Actually, that probably isn't even Martha's closet. That there, is probably a stunt closet set up to make the rest of us feel envious! And it totally worked!
So, here is the funny part of my sheet changing day...I was watching Giada make something totally yummy on the food channel while I did my bed and I got the bed all put back together...blanket, comforter, pillows. Everything was tucked and straight and looking nice, I turn to walk out of the bedroom and there is the folded top sheet laying on the floor! I never put it on, dang it! I had to rip everything off again. See, I told you...easily distracted!

Have a good week, think of me as you wash and fold those sheets!


  1. Hello Janel,
    That is a great tip; putting each folded sheet set into its pillowcase so the sets stay nicely organized. I am going to give that a try because I am endlessly searching for matching pillow cases when making beds. Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Lulu...if you ever come home from school and your mom's car is there but she's not....and you scream, and yell and scour the whole house looking for her...have no fear, she is probably lost in the sea of stuffed things on your bed, just dig through those and you shall find her :)
    ♥craaaaazy jaime

  3. For years, I've said I'm going to have household chores done on designated days of the week. However, I've yet to make it happen. My mother-in-law did this for my husband's entire childhood, so he was shocked when we first got married and found out I did things like laundry "as the spirit moved" basically.

    BTW, I love the concept behind your blog.

  4. Such a helpful tip!! Thanks a lot!

  5. Such a helpful tip!! Thanks a lot!

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