Thursday, October 21, 2010

And this is the clock that Dad built...

I love my Dad. As I had mentioned before, when we purchased our house there was a lot of old wood up in the second story of the Carriage house (now a garage). My Dad offered to take some of the wood and build us a clock to put on our mantle. I picked out a general idea for a design and my Dad went to town. I heard stories from my Mom about how he was just in awe at the quality of the wood once the weather beaten outside was stripped away. Here is the clock in its completed form. It is now beautifully displayed on our fireplace mantle and I love it!

Life is a constant battle and on the outside we might look a little weather beaten and old, but inside we are still beautiful and capable of awesome things. Don't let the weather of life discourage or hinder you just because it may make you a little worn on the outside. It's what gives you character and what makes you beautiful on the inside.

This post is dedicated to Dad for the wonderful job that he did in making my new clock. Thank you! XOXOXO

PS Thank you Mom too =)

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