Wednesday, October 6, 2010

scrappy Gap shirt

My mother in law got me a very fashionable and comfortable Gap tee this year for my birthday. Unfortunately, I snagged it on something and ended up with two little holes, right in the front! You can dress me up but you can't take me out....

Not cool.

I really like this shirt. It fits me well and is awesomely comfortable. The holes were getting bigger every time I wore it. I was sad that it might go to waste. I considered trying to sew the holes together, however the fabric of the shirt is too delicate for that to last.

My other plan was a cute little heart patch. The only problem is, it would land directly on my belly button! Not very grown up...

I decided to expand the heart patch idea and use some felt fabric scraps I had leftover in my craft desk. I scrounged around for some various lids (milk, bell jar, heavy cream) and started tracing and cutting!

Once I had tons of little circles, and a few hearts, I laid my pattern out on the shirt.

Once I had everything arranged just so, I started sewing together the doubled up patches. See exhibit A below:

And this is what the shirt looked like once those pieces were all sewn together!

The last part was the most time consuming. I took the patches off and laid the pattern out next to the shirt while I sewed the pieces on one at a time.

But, check out the result! Cute, huh?! And this little transformation only took me an hour fifteen and cost nada dollars!

This project would be great for older kids too, teaching them how to sew. They can update a plain old t-shirt into something personalized and just their style.

In case you're curious, yes, I'm wearing my new scrappy Gap shirt as I type this. :)

Also, the hubs' response to whether he liked it or not was, "it's very YOU." So I call this craft: Project Success.


  1. That picture of the Marshmallow is awesome!

  2. S..I totally agree with hubs, this new shirt is very YOU! I think you should consider the beginning of a new clothing line featuring scrappy patches, you could call it "Free Spirit"! It would be adorable...don't forget to wear it tomorrow night! Nel

  3. this is definately a "free spirit" item here...that's what your etsy shop should be called..."frugal, fashion, fun, free spirit" By Sassafrass :P ♥J.

  4. So pretty! Thanks for a great idea and hand-sewn tutorial, since I don't have a sewing machine. Love your color choices!


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