Wednesday, October 13, 2010

little black dress? check. ray bans? check. holiday runway party? begin.

Who else is already thinking Christmas? I am already on a good start to my gift buying and just this past weekend found the cutest dress to wear to my husband's work Christmas party. On sale no less! There's something that I find so much fun about holiday parties with everyone dressed up, a fun dinner planned, a night of dancing, driving home late as the first few snowflakes of the night start falling... it can all be very magical!

In honor of my love for Christmas parties and holiday cheer, I've decided to throw a very high fashion holiday runway party right here at Seven Sisters! Let's just pretend it's December for today! Since I know none of my sisters planned for this, I went ahead and browsed around one of my favorite places to look at dresses (etsy!) and found some stunners for ya'll to wear to my party.

velvet dress black/gold heel gold peacock clutch tassel earrings
I'll start things off down the holiday party runway (which I imagine is covered in fake glitter snow with glitter snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and thick gold curtains as a backdrop.) I'll be wearing velvet. Yes, I know- many of you are wondering if velvet got stuck in a steel encased prison in the 80's. Not so. Velvet is making a comeback and I'll be wearing it to the party. Try to keep your eyes off the sash, I know it's shiny. Also, how fun are tassel earrings? You'll also notice I have a small thing for peacock feathers.
MJ arrives! Now, I know she's usually not this on time for the blog, but she's a new mom so we let it slide ;). hehe. I picked a blue dress for MJ, it's quite stunning and classic, just like her. It makes me want to go out and find a big white cape with a fur-lined hood to add to it. And what's this? MJ brought those caramel cookies I love. She's passing them out during her runway walk. So sweet.
Queue the holiday music as the curtain rises on Nel and Lulu, back to back with arms crossed- a little holiday attitude has arrived on stage. I love this dress, it's like Jackie O meets more awesome. And a polka dot clutch?! Nel, you're a statement maker.
I have to say, this dress is my absolute favorite. You can't see from this picture, but it even has pockets, hence the reason Lulu only needs a cute little coin purse! And I even found a jingle bell anklet on etsy! How awesome is that? She's in tune with the music on her way down the runway! I can hear the Mayor giving a standing ovation from the sidelines.
gold dress clutch shoes
We all know Mar is a fashionista, so I picked out a fashionable and high class gold dress for her! Naturally, she would have crocheted her own clutch, and the shoes- the shoes! After them, she didn't need much more accessorizing! Just don't trip on the catwalk!
It's J's turn down the runway, and I'm not sure what makes this outfit more...the boots, or the clutch or the beaded necklace. I like em all. Now out to the runway J or no water! ;)
purple dress black booties tweed clutch black tights pearl cluster earrings
Entering the runway in true dramatic fashion, it's Jenn in an unexpected ensemble. (Jenn, don't be mad. I put you in a sweater dress. You really did look so awesome in that purple sweater dress you tried on last weekend!) With some cute booties to boot, and who can resist a little tweed around the holidays?

And what would any runway party be without a gentleman?

We'll let the Marshmallow wrap up the runway walk, I think his photo pretty much speaks for itself. He's got the paparazzi all over him.

Ok, girls- now it's honesty time!

Are you wearing your dress? Stealing someone else's? What dish are you bringing to the party?

Not a sister? You're still invited! Post a link to your favorite etsy holiday dress!

Thank you all for humoring me and letting me waste a bunch of time putting together holiday party outfits from etsy and then calling it a blog runway party and forcing you down a figurative catwalk ;). I had a lot of fun keeping myself busy with this! Like Mar said below, Christmas will be here before we know it, and I can't wait- time off of work to just relax, time to spend time with family and friends, and just feel refreshed with some quality fellowship!


  1. Sar...this was truly one of my fav. brought a big smile to my face behind my cup of tea...thanks for the boots even though i don't know if i could pull those off :P love ya free spirit....♥J.

  2. haha... I love this post, too! I'm going to be missing my hubby's holiday party this year because it's about a week after I'm due with this baby, but as soon as I fit into a little black dress again, I'll make A take me out to a fancy dinner : )

    S- have you bought clothes off of etsy before? I'm about to buy a wall decal, and the seller's from Buffalo! : )

  3. OK Sarah loved the post! what dress would you put on ME??
    Cool Mom of 4

  4. MoB - i haven't bought anything off etsy before...but i've def. wanted to!

    Mom of 4- directions are for you to tell ME what dress you are wearing... leave a link! :)


  5. This message is for the Marshmallow - where'd you get those glasses? So cool. Next time you hit the town give me a call. I wanna party with you.

  6. S-this was so, so much fun!!!! I am wearing my dress but I have shoplifted Mar's shoes while she wasn't looking!! Oh, and Lulu said she wants heels, should we let her? Can we get our hair and nails done first? Nel


    Linen greek goddess dress! Yes this is what I will wear and it can come in colors, so maybe I will make it eggplant!

  8. oh my S you know me too well. I loved this post... how creative.... i soooo want that dress... absolutly fabulous.. you should have heard me gasp when i saw it!!! I guess i know what we all will be wearing at the christmas cookie exchange this year!!! i just wonder how expensive that dress is... and if only i had something to wear it too.. ill keep dreaming... and Nel.... hmmm... we'll have to work on the shoe thing... lol!!!! ~Mar*

  9. Mar- the link is under the post! Your gold dress is $62 :)


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