Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lots of ♥♥♥♥'s for our doll house re-model...

ok...here we go...there's lots of ground to cover...and when i finally realized how much ground, i decided to make this a 2-part post :) so you're stuck with this next week too...last week sister Mar (who always beats me to the punch...maybe it's cause our daughters are the same age...our brains are on "4 yr old wave length") posted about
making a dollhouse for little L for Christmas....and it got my brain a churnin'...in the basement, sat a doll house, belonging to my girls, just begging for a "re-do"...with much creative juices flowing, i headed to my home away from home, and bought much supplies (like i don't already have 40 thousand projects going at once)...(Mar, i know you're cringing at the thought of this...Nel, lets write a book..."too-many-crafts-creativity-hormone-overdose-not-enough-time-ever-attention-deficit-disorder") for a doll house makeover, that thrilled my girls by the way...(this was no Christmas surprise for us, i was thinking more along the lines of mother/daughter project, since the dollhouse was already at one time a Christmas present...i couldn't re-give it as a present...i think that would be considered a re-gifted gift to ourselves...?)....like i said lots of ground to cover...so hear we go...

...here are before shots of the basement dollhouse...really basic, nothing fancy, just sorta plain...with a strange half roof with a gap in the middle...and i don't think i mentioned when all is said and done i want to put this in J's room on a little table with c
hairs for her and big sissy to enjoy (awwww...so cute) (i had this all figured out in my head)...so i wanted it to be brought out of hibernation in the yucky dungeon to the bright sunshine of my daughter's really cute purple heffalump room (stay tuned for those pics next tues.)...but it just wasn't cuttin' it for the really cute purple lumpy room...but i was glad it was so basic since it was practically a blank canvas...i was free to create (all the while i rambled on about all this, my husband just smiled & nodded...well ok...just nodded)

click on any of the pics to see them larger

i started with the floors first...

♥1. i found some really neat hardwood floor-ish looking card stock @ joanns
♥2. measured & cut it to size
♥3. fit & pieced it together
♥4. Modge Podge-ed it!
(believe it or not this was actually my first time using the stuff...i got some cool tips and ideas from modgepodgerocks)

then the walls...

the paper i chose was from K&Company called Berry Sweet...i followed the same process for the wallpaper as i did the floors...(just make sure your wallpaper is cut exactly to size, once you lay it down on the modge podge, there's no adjusting or moving it around at all!)

next the upholstery :) ...

i made a seam on each end of the bedspreads and then used stich witchery to bind it underneath

...in the next photos i made pillowcases and added tiny details...that's where it always counts...in the details...


  1. J, I am seriously impressed. You made it look so easy!! I tried mod-podging one of the rooms I'm re-decorating in my dollhouse, and it was AWFUL. There were just too many doors and windows to cut around, and then when i went to put it up it can't be moved. Eek! Also- how are you doing your picture editing? Looks cuuuuuute! ~*S*~

  2. if you use picassa they are linked to picnik...they've got some sort of partnership goin...its a great program and tons of stuff you can do to your photos and its free! check it out...i feel so web savy :D

  3. I love the dollhouse! Who makes it? Is it Melissa and Doug?

  4. charlene! no...it's from an old "One Step Ahead" catalog that's in my mailbox every year around Christmas...my in-laws bought it about 4-5 yrs. ago...it does look a little Melissa & Doug-ish now that you mention it! ♥J.


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