Monday, October 11, 2010

Is that Christmas Knocking at my Door

I know its only October, but Christmas is just around the corner. Every year around this time I think of something special to do for Little L for Christmas. This year my husband and I decided we needed a project to do together. That way we could spend more time doing things together instead of watching TV at the end of the night. I know... how romantic! We decided to make her a dollhouse together. Complete with all the trimmings. I know.... its going to be alot of work. We got one of the kits that you have to build and paint and decorate all on your own. But I think it will be a fun adventure for us. We ordered the dollhouse from and this is what it looks like:

I'm still not sure what color I am going to do to the siding and shutters...Any suggestions?? I also do NOT want to leave the inside just the color of the wood. I'm not sure if I should modpodge it or do some kind of paint treatment...Any suggestions?? I also want to figure out how to make curtains and cute accessories for the house like rugs and such so I'm up for any of those suggestions as well... Please.. I would love it.

When I was a little girl my sister 'S' had the most beautiful doll house and the cutest family to go inside. They were the calico critters bear family. So recently I went on the hunt to see if they still made them anymore, and just my luck they are one of the hottest things at the toy store right now. I found them right at toys r us. I just couldn't believe my luck! We got Little L the Hopscoptch Rabbit family. They are just too stinkin cute! I can't wait to put this all together for her!


  1. you can crochet rugs (circle rounds or granny squares).

    check out this cute mod-podged house:

    this should be the kick in the butt i need to finish renovating that "beautiful" dollhouse i had when i was little, haha. It needs some upkeep!

  2. Oh Mar, this brings back Dad and I built my dollhouse together from a kit when I was 11. My mom and I realized afterward that we should have had a "plan" for the rooms before building because it is harder to paint/stain and cut and glue wallpaper and "carpet" into the rooms once it is done. I even have a kit to wire the house so you can hang overhead lights in the rooms that would actually work! Ahhh, the world of miniatures...LOVE it! Nel

  3. Mar, check out this blog...she's a modge podge fanatic...i got some good ideas, been thinkin' about "re-modeling" our doll house...check it out... ♥J.


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