Wednesday, October 27, 2010

rings and things

I've been on a mission lately to clean out my closet and jewelry. As I went through my things, I found a lot of old rings and (before you get grossed out, I cleaned them!) toe rings!

Now, I'm not a big toe-ring wearer anymore as I was in my college flip-flop-through-the-winter years, but I decided to get creative, and use some free-spirit thinking to jazz up those rings into some new things!

Here's what you need:

(note: if you have something like really strong krazy glue or gorilla that's even better, these rings wont be for hard labor or anything)

Put a dab of glue on the ring or the found item. This picture below is a pretty pink button!

I also found a pretty purple rock (I am an infamous trinket hoarder). I was worried it might be too big, but with enough glue, I think I got it to stick!

Update: After wearing, I got it wet, and it came apart- so I re-glued with some stronger craft glue, and got that rock to stick!

Voila! 4 new rings to add to my jewelry collection! I used a button, a googly eye (perfect for Halloween!), a tiny bouquet of blue flowers, and a pretty purple stone (Jenn, can your hubby identify it?)

Behold, as I model the rings;

Perhaps I'll begin a ring collection a la Madeleine Albright and use them to display my mood. What's that? They already make mood rings? Fine.

Happy crafting!! Get creative free spirits!!
Not a free spirit? Buy similar rings here and here!

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  1. i love it! it's!!! :)
    you remind me of tinkerbell, she goes around finding lost things and makes new stuff out of could call your "found things"..."lost things"! (heehee) that could be your new updated tink :D love ya! ♥J.


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