Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who wants to be a bench warmer in my house?

They are finally complete! My benches that I have waited so long for! It started off as a simple project for "S" and I to do together. Somehow our father became involved and behold! They must be perfect! We were using some old wood from our garage to build 2 benches that would sit in our front mudroom. It is a fairly large room for a foyer and I wanted a place for guests to sit when they were entering or leaving my house so they could put on or take off their shoes. Dad came over to help us cut the wood, and not only did it need cutting, but he also planed the sides (meaning that he put the wood through one of his many wood working machines and it would come out smooth and sanded on the other side.

Once we saw how beautiful the wood was on the inside, my husband couldn't resist taking over from there. So "S" and I were out of a job. The only task I was allowed to do was stain the benches and apply the upholstery which "S" and I picked out together (at least we got to do something).

I am very please with the way they turned out and even though it took a little while to get everything done, I am grateful for all of the help I received.


  1. Looking good! I will wear my boots the next time I come to your house even if it is sunny so I may have the pleasure of sitting on a bench to take them off! Nel


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