Thursday, December 9, 2010

Delectable Hot Chocolate

Winter is here! I couldn't believe all of the snow we have been getting the past couple of days. I have always loved the way everything looks coated in fluffy snow. When I walk outside, I just feel an awesome stillness and peace. What better to warm you up after admiring each unique snowflake than a nice hot cup of hot cocoa! I love just wrapping my hands around the warm mug and sipping away in front of a nice roaring fire.

Speaking of Hot Chocolate! This is what I made for myself after dinner and it was yummy!

I took my hot cocoa mug and filled the bottom with a little bit of milk. Then I added the hot cocoa mix and stirred until all of the chunks were gone. See the mints! Save those for later.

Well hello teapot! Thank you for whistling to let me know my water was nice and hot!

I poured water into my cup and filled it about half way. Then I stirred thoroughly again. Remember the mints? Awesome! Add one of the mints to your drink, it gives it a nice wintery peppermint flavor to your hot chocolate!

Save the second mint and cut it in half diagonally.

Finish adding the water to your hot cocoa and top with whip cream. Add your mint halves and viola'! A hot delicious hot cocoa just right for sipping.


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