Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of year!

The time has come for our annual tree cutting...that is our Christmas tree. Each year we pack ourselves up in all our winter gear, and make the trek north to Wilberts (found in Webster). Here can be found NINE different types of trees, and the most perfect one for our living room. Wilberts also boasts a live nativity scene and sleigh rides. Perfect for every child and for those who are still young at heart. When we arrive we round up our saw, and carrying cart and start the search for the prickly beast.

How do we find the perfect tree?

The tree must be....

  • As tall as my husband...he stands six foot four
  • Evenly distributed
  • Strong branches

This year we took little A in her baby sled and made the hike out, she was squealing with delight...the snow was falling gently and really put us in the Christmas spirit. So with our freshly cut tree in hand we brought it home. Those of you that get a fresh tree each year know that the tree changes once it is in your house...ours a little to short even with the husband test. But we love it anyway.

Hope you all are enjoying yours and smelling the sweet scent of pine!

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