Wednesday, December 8, 2010

green christmas

I try to be pretty earth-conscious around our house, and Christmas is always a great opportunity to keep that goal going. Every year, when we get Christmas cards, I tape them to the panes of the french door in our living room. Last year, when Christmas was over, I took the cards down and put them in my storage box full of wrapping items (you know the one, saved tissue paper and gift bags, etc!).

I am right on time with my Christmas checklist making this the week for present wrapping (yes, I am done with my Christmas shopping, I know you all hate me). As I pulled out my wrapping supplies, I found all the cards I had saved from last year.

As it usually does, inspiration struck and I realized I now had tons of beautiful gift tags to choose from!
I whipped out my hole punch and leftover yarn from crochet projects (very handy to have when gift wrapping) and wrapped away. All I did was cut off the front page of the card (so the message part was gone- the back of the front page of cards are almost always left blank by card givers).
I even added them to bags, it was so much fun coordinating the colors and picking the right card for people (of course making sure they didn't get the card they had sent ME last year, hehe).
Turned out pretty cute, huh?

Merry Christmas all! Only 17 days left... how are you doing on your "to-do" lists??? Feel like you're moving mountains to get 'er done? Don't worry, He can move your mountain ♥


  1. Great idea S! My mom always used her cards this way too, so pretty! Too bad all my gifts are already wrapped...totally kidding!! I will use your idea...when I wrap, I guess I need to buy the gifts first. ☺ Always behind...Nel

  2. what a cute idea! and that song is awesome!!!! love it! i wanna sing it all day long!!! =) *Mar~


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