Thursday, January 20, 2011


This past week, my husband "K" was invited to be a guest speaker at a local boy scouts troop meeting to help them earn their Geology patch and belt loop. The local troop is run by the "Mayor." In order to earn your patch or belt loop, the scouts have to meet certain requirements. K, being an Eagle Scout himself and an aspiring teacher (hopefully will have his teaching license soon) could not resist the opportunity.

He packed up a selective bunch of rocks (and I do mean selective, I came home to find my dining room table littered with the unworthy's) and gave the presentation.

Muscovite - Used in paint, cements and as a dry lubricent

Things that you will find around your house that are derived from rocks.
Gypsum - dry wall
Shale - bricks
Dolomite - gravel
Marble - decorative
Granite - countertops

Don't forget my favorite...fossils!!!


  1. Jenn, your man ROCKS! Thanks a ton, K, for sharing your expertise with some future geologists, the Mayor and son said it was great and "nice job"! Nel ☺


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