Friday, November 5, 2010

doll house re-do ♥ part two...

well, better late than planned post for last tuesday was foiled...but i finished the interior of the house and have only the table, on which it will sit in the purple lumpy room, to makeover....(yikes, one makeover after another) i am half way through that project so hopefully i can post that this tuesday with the final pics of the lumpy room and are the pics and steps i followed for p
hase 2 of the renovation :)....p.s. we are not in any sort of debt from this renovation...not yet...

the roof...

♥1. removed existing small strange roof
♥2. painted 6 wood boards from a.c.moore with teal craft paint
(that i would later piece together
to make the roof on each side)
♥3. modge podged 2 coats per board...
they came out with a nice shiny finish(just be sure to let dry fully between coats)
♥4. voila! a roof! the hubby nailed eac
h board onto the frame
after securing it down with carpet t
ape...that stuff is really sticky!!

the carpeting :)...

♥1. i crocheted these rugs in rounds, but you can use felt, or whatever's on hand then i pinned ric rac to the underside of the rug to create a border
2. sew right down the middle of the ric rac making sure to catch the end of the rug
♥3. remove pins...this is what it should look like on the underside
♥4. make away! i loved these color combinations...i still have one more to do for the kitchen

the draperies :P

♥1. i used a quilt sqaure from joann's, bamboo skewers for the rods and buttons for the brackets
♥2. & ♥3. i cut the fabric to fit my opening, (not forgetting seam allowances)
stiched up both sides to hem...then created a "rod pocket" on the top for the skewer to slide the end hemmed the bottom
♥4.voila! curtains...
the photos below explain how i used the buttons...i hammered small nails where the each end of "curtain rod" would rest then hot glued buttons onto the head of each nail...used the same principal along with ric rac for the tie-backs

...for the small valances, again, sewing a simple square with another "rod pocket"
i used the same skewers and hot glued them in place

to sum up part two ♥
here are some before & after pics of the interior of the house...

holy cow...that's an ugly table for such a cute doll house :) here's what's in store for next week...
DOLL HOUSE TABLE RE-DO (i'm actually sick of that


  1. Move over elephants and hedgehogs, I am moving into this ADORABLE house!! LOVE the curtain rods with the button holders, could we rig that up in our own homes?? Nel ☺

  2. Nel, you will need to get by me too to live in that house!

    Love it J!


  3. Cute dollhouse, my daughter has one with about the same furniture. Oh - one tip I did was you can go to a posters website and print out tiny versions of posters, and artwork and then hang them up. My daughter loved the ones we hung in the "teen" bedroom :)

  4. I LOVE it cute!!! i really love the rickrack tie backs!!! mind if i use that idea in my dollhouse living room :)

  5. woops.. i forgot to say it was me Mar that just left the last comment :)


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