Monday, November 8, 2010

Dollhouse Part 1

Ok, so as I said a few weeks ago, my husband and I have been working very diligently on a dollhouse for little L for Christmas. I wanted to post pictures of the house today because I thought we would have all the siding on the house by now. My poor husband worked very late last night to try and get it finished. Needless to say it is almost there! Please tell me why a little girls dollhouse need siding anyway!? So this week I decided to write about a bunch of little things that I have created for the dollhouse. Like J said, its all in the details.
First lets talk curtains:
J and I must be on the same wavelength again because I too picked up quilting squares to make my curtains. However, I can not sew to save my life. So I used stitch witchery to make my hems and rod pockets. My curtains are held up with a lolly pop stick (the ones you can buy to make chocolate suckers) and colorful beads on the ends. To hang them up I just used a good old hot glue gun :) These curtains are for the nursery of the dollhouse.
These valences I made the same way. With stitch witchery a lolly pop stick and beads. These curtains are going in the little girl room.
...And more curtains, These are going in the living room. I used ribbon for my tiebacks, but I also liked J's idea to use rickrack and buttons. (See previous post).
This is just a closer look at the lolly pop stick curtain rod and beads.
Next I moved on to artwork for the little dollhouse. I found little wooden squares at the local craft store and modpodged this pretty paper onto the front and then painted the edges to give it a more rustic look. I think they look adorable. These are going in the kitchen and they match all my kitchen furniture for the dollhouse perfectly!
Lastly I worked on the little ottomans and plants.
For the ottomans: Thanks to my dad who had some scrap pieces of leather, I cut them up into little squares. Next I painted 2 small wooden blocks that I picked up at a local craft store. Once they dried I used glue dots and secured the leather in place. I can't wait to see how they look in the little house
For the plants: I had some small artificial flowers and greenery hanging around the house so I cut a few pieces and got to work. The little pots I again picked up at the local craft store. I painted them brown and then let them dry. Next I wasn't sure what to use to secure the plants in the pots because these pots are literally TINY. The solution... playdough!!! It worked perfectly. I was able to squash it into the pots and then stick the greenery into the playdough and viola!
A close up of my tiny potted plant.
Tune in next week for the next phase of the dollhouse in the making!


  1. Very creative with the playdough!! You and J are both putting my dollhouse to shame!!

    All I'll have is that mine was the original! haha.


  2. Mar! love the artwork idea!! mind if i steal it? :) ♥J.

  3. Who knew we'd have dueling dollhouse decor!!! Very cute Mar, when I saw the first picture I thought you were blogging about growing bean sprouts!! Just kidding! The artwork is super cute. Nel ☺


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