Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wrapped Up...

So this week, I needed a little inspiration and I found it here. I am planning on having Thanksgiving Dinner at my house and wanted to make some sort of fun crafted item to put at each place setting. The yarn wrapped people seemed like a cute idea and so I gave it a try.

I started off with some pipe cleaners, pref-ably skin color. Twist spots for the head, and a tiny twist to hold the hair in place.

Feed the hair through the tiny twist at the top and make sure it is nice and tight so that your hair doesn't fall out. Take the feet and hook everything together.

Take some cotton balls or filler and stuff them into a body and head shape. This will give you a base to use when you start to wrap the yarn.

Start wrapping the yarn around until you have a nicely shaped head. I found it was easy to tuck the remaining string away so that it wasn't visible.

Wrap the yarn around to make your body.

Once you are done with the body, start playing with the hair. I found it was difficult to get it into a decent hairstyle, but some crafy glue helps keep everything in place.

I used sequins for eyes and cut out felt pieces for the apron, mouth and collar.

The yarn doll in the center was my first attempt, and the ice mummy on the right was my second attempt (my husband calls him the "ice mummy"). I think they will make for nice conversation pieces.


  1. Jenn- the 2nd pilgrim seems to have advanced from the first- she looks good! :) ~*S*~

  2. Jenn - 3:21 AM??????????????????? I thought -J- was ambitious!!! Anyway, thanks for taking the time in the weeee bits of the morning to stay awake and be an encouragement to others. Good job!! The pipe cleaners brought back a blast from the past. When I was a boy (many moons ago) there was a pipe cleaner manufacturer at the corner of my street where I grew up. The owner use to give us kids some free ones to play with. I haven't seen those in awhile. Thanks for bringing back the memories.


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