Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Congratulations September!

You successfully snuck up on us all!

Fall is my favorite season. It's not so hot that I can't go outside for fear of sunstroke, and not too cold to walk to the grocery store. I love bright colors, and fall brings its fill! Apple cider signs are up and bright orange pumpkins will appear on stoops.

My wonderful hubbie just cleared out a jumble of rocks that were part of the "landscaping" against the garage by the previous owners, and I'm thinking it may be the perfect place for a miniature pumpkin patch. :)

Can't wait for this tree in our backyard to turn a glorious yellow color!

What's your favorite part of fall?
And for those of you who follow the marshmallow....


  1. Spiced apple cider, crisp fall air, apple picking, applesauce, applepie, pumpkin picking, big piles of leaves....THANKSGIVING!! HAHA ok... all the food.... ~Mar*

  2. The fall foliage and apple cider.

  3. Salmon fishing @ Summer Ville pier under the stars with that fall breeze gently rolling off the lake (and our Friday night Bible studies)

    PS - Thanks for the birthday wish "S"

  4. hmmm...Nel's pumpkin cookies...leaves...porches w/mums & pumpkins & rocking chairs...perfect sweatshirt weather...

  5. fall...getting up early again for school, raking tons of leaves, my flowers dying from the frost at night...yeah, I guess I really just like summer! But I do think the sunflower photo is grand! Luv ya S! Nel

  6. Fall scents.. dried leaves, cinnamon, pumpkin candles

    p/s - LOVE the sunflower ;-)


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