Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spare a bedroom?

Hello again! Over the long weekend I decided to fix up the 2nd bedroom in our new house. Here are some before pictures. I took these when we previewed the house so all of the things in the bedroom now belonged to the previous owner. It was painted a neon green color which doesn't show up well in the pictures. Regardless, it wasn't a very attractive color and I wanted to fix that as soon as possible.

The room has some built in shelves that have great potential. The background was painted white while the rest of the room was green. After painting everything all one color, I understand why the previous owner didn't paint the background green as well, it was a lot of hard work!

I picked out a nice earthy red color to paint the room. When I started applying the paint I was really apprehensive because the color didn't look as good as I thought it did. Once I got the whole room painted with 2 coats, I really liked the result. I guess just looking at the room half painted as red / neon green just wasn't appealing =)

Now the build in shelves looks like part of the wall and almost hidden! Special thanks to my mother-in-law for the bed and dressers, and another special thanks to my mom for all of the childrens toys to fill up the shelves!

There is a second mini-closet in the room that has lots of space. That is one thing I love about my house, it's full of surprises!
Great spot for hide n seek, although my little niece found me rather quickly.


  1. Wait, actually climbed in the mini closet during hide and seek? This requires a demonstration the next time craft club is at your house!!! Love it-Nel


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