Friday, September 10, 2010

The Difference Between Girls and Boys...

Get ready...I will now reveal to you the difference between girls and boys...don't worry, there are no pictures! It all came to light on the day my son received his "teacher letter". Our school has the seriously crazy policy of mailing each child a secret envelope around the first week in August. Disguised as a plain manila envelope it really contains the intricate plans for the next year of your young student's life. The information is vital, it is your destiny...who will your teacher be! Will it be the one you hoped for? And more importantly, who else is in your class? The latter information can only be obtained by persistent investigative means...calling everyone you know and some you don't.
Lulu and I have this down to a science, after 7 years of elementary school, we are professionals. You receive your letter and the rest of the day is dedicated to "working the phones". By fourth grade she was even calling boys (some, just to make sure that they were NOT in her class!). Trust me when I say that next to July 4th, this was our favorite day of the summer! And it didn't even involve food! By the end of the day we had compiled the names of at least half of her class and could tell any one of her friends who else was in their class! We rocked at this!
So, this year, because Lulu is now a resident of the fateful Middle School, there was no "teacher letter" for her...but she has a younger brother.
Lulu and I took turns racing to the mailbox for most of August 1-10, and finally there it was...the anticipation was killing us. Lulu's brother calmly opened his letter while we both breathed down his neck. Then he calmly read the name of his master and commander for the next 10 months...okay, okay so it wasn't the name we most hoped to see but it wasn't a dreaded one either, kinda in the middle. Then he went off to play. Lulu and I tagged behind, between us we had the house phone and two cell phones, we could crack this case in no time...let's call Eli and Weston, let's call Brendan, let's call Noah and John...let's call everyone you know and even some girls. "No, that's okay" he says. Our mouths drop open. Yes, it's true, the confident, almost ten year old boy has very little interest in knowing with whom he will spend the days of his life. And that my friends encompasses the difference between girls and boys. Lulu and I remain baffled.
Nel's smile for the week: The kids went back to school!☺
Nel's frown for the week: The kids went back to school. =(
Lulu's smile for the week: Starting middle school!☺
Lulu's frown for the week: Starting middle school.=(

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  1. guys...this is hilarious...why do we girls make life so complicated?...but much more fun!!! :D


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