Wednesday, September 8, 2010

yow to wow: a dresser's journey

I have been on the hunt for a dresser to makeover for our master bedroom, and last weekend finally picked one up...from where of all places? J's house!

I think we both can admit it was lookin' pretty shabby when I got it home, but I had plans for this dresser. It was already white, but needed a quick fresh coat, and the handles were plastic and ugly. It also sat directly on the floor (as you can see, it has no bottom), but I'm a legs kinda gal, and decided to add some for this facelift ;)
I skipped on down to Home Depot (my home away from home) and picked up 4 black handles, 4 curvy legs, and some white glossy spray paint.The first thing I did was remove the old handles. Then I added the legs. I did this by drilling a small pilot hole and then screwing the leg into the base with a little wood glue to keep things steady. After the legs were on, I set up a little spray paint area outside and went to town giving it a light glossy coat.

Spray paint dries fairly quickly, so by the time that evening rolled around I was able to add the new handles and get it set up in our room. Because painting a dresser can often cause the drawers to stick, I used a little butter on the lip of each drawer and that solved any sticky problems.

And when it was all said and done.... ta da!
a new-to-us dresser for the hubs.

(p.s., no, our bedroom isn't black, it's a very dark navy blue)


  1. S-it looks so nice! i really like your curvy legs...on the dresser i mean!! HeeHee. Nel


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