Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the mini pumpkin whoopie pies were ♥-ed

hey tuesday...i'm back...yes yes i know it's really late and we'll be bumped to the #2 spot in a couple hours, but at least i showed...
...i've been getting these cookie of the day emails from ♥marthastewart.com♥ in my inbox and there's been some really great lookin' cookies that deserve a whirl before the holidays...who knows? they might earn a spot on my must-have-holiday-cookie-list :D

so my first venture were these ♥mini pumpkin whoopie pies♥
i liked the way they turned out...

presentation was yummy and the recipe was easy & clear (something i can't say for all of martha's recipes...she usually has you going to Thailand for some crazy endangered spice of the month for a "quick stir fry made in 20 minutes"...oh ok, i get it...it takes 20 minutes after you've flown to Thailand for the endangered spice of the month)...(and ps. it's really NOT martha's recipes we're following...but some other persons' who just works for her...don't wanna burst anyone's bubble)..(pps. love martha...i'm a big fan)...i would definitely make them again...perfect for fall weather with a nice cup of tea...the mild cocoa flavor in the cookie pairs up nicely with the sweet pumpkin-ey goodness of the filling...

...my mind's been chewin' on this today..."that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith...being rooted & grounded in love...may be able to comprehend...the breadth, length, depth and height...and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God" (Eph.3)...why do i sometimes think that God is too busy for me? or doesn't understand me? or maybe even doesn't really care about what's going on in my life or about what i'm going through...even with these words of truth right in front of me?
...when in all reality our God has the most intimate details of us written on file...psalm 139 says "thine eyes did see my substance..and in thy book all my members were written"...(v.1)..."O Lord, thou hast searched me and known me"...wow...He's searched us and He knows us..."such knowledge is too wonderful for me" (v.6)...♥
He not only loves me, but cares for every moment in my day-to-day...easy times...painful memories...dreams...tears...He knows them all...and with each detail He fashions us to be more in His image, if we'll only let Him...truth is, He created us with a void on purpose...only meant to be filled with all the fullness of Him...and we can try to be rooted and grounded in the things here and now, in the temporaries...but they will never equate...nor compare to His love our hearts so desperately cry out for...yeah...wow...
any thoughts on this ♥sisters?
(or husbands of ♥sisters? dads of ♥sisters? or moms? gravy goblins?)


  1. J, those look DELICIOUS!!!! and the endangered spice of the month made me lol! Wonder what Martha is doing today, probably pruning the blueberry bushes and draining the outdoor fountain for winter. Nel

  2. mmm... those whoopie pies look delicious! ~mar*

  3. I hope you stopped to help the man with no heart on your way to Thailand. thanks for the encouragement today! Sorry i bumped ya :P ~*S*~

  4. Mmm.. I'm going to pick up ingredients to make these this weekend! I love Martha : )

  5. Tasted kinda like pumpkin pie mushed between two choco cookies. Spin-off idea: choco frosting on pumpkin pie!

  6. thanx gravy gob...i'm so glad you read my post and ate a cookie :P

  7. i have this book too!! i cant wait to make stuff form it!!
    thank you for linking and liking back!!


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